The Best Ways to Save Money with Self-storage

Self-storage is one of the most used services in America today. The benefit of that extra spare foot of storage, especially in the cities, is what makes storage units so popular. However, if unchecked, the cost of renting the units can skyrocket and leave your bank account empty. If you would like to take advantage of a storage unit, then read through the following tips to ensure that you make the most of the facility’s services.

Scrutinize your options

There are so many reliable self-storage companies on the internet, which is why you should not settle on the very first one on the list. Identify all the storage options in your vicinity, write down their contacts, and call them one after the other for their (often free) quotes. Also, consider factors such as security, access, and hidden costs, as the cheapest option is not always the best. Read the contract carefully before you sign to ensure that you do not make any unforeseen payments or make mistakes that make you liable to fines.

Store only the belongings that are of true worth

Consider a safety deposit box: these are quite expensive, and you would never take one out to place worthless items in it. The same applies to a storage unit: do not take one out to stuff with clutter. Distinguish the items you truly need from those you do not, and either donate the latter or have a yard sale to get rid of them in beneficial ways. By reducing the quantity of clutter in your home before renting a storage unit, you reduce the space you will require, or even realize that you do not need one at all. If you have bigger items, you can keep them at home as these will take up excess space in the unit.


Most self-storage companies provide room for clients to negotiate on pricing, and you can take advantage of this wiggle room to reduce your rent. Speaking out your thoughts never hurt anyone, and you might end up with a lower fee than you anticipated.

Take advantage of discounts

Competition is stiff in the world of self-storage, and companies will do anything to grab your attention as a potential client. Adverts, promotions, discounts, and other incentives are often the order of the day in self-storage, and you may want to look out for them so you can take advantage. Some facilities may offer a discount ranging from 10-25%, and some even giving you the first month free.

Use their moving facilities

Some self-storage companies offer their moving trucks and other utilities for free or at a discounted rate for clients. Using these facilities can lower your moving costs significantly, not to mention, make the whole affair less stressful.

Share space with someone you trust

Often, the bigger the space you rent, the more lucrative the deal. Look for a friend or family member looking for storage space then pool your resources together to grab a larger unit. Renting space together can reduce your rent by up to 50%.

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