Nowadays, you can find several music apps but only a few of them prove to be helpful and genuine for the users. If you are searching out for the best music apps, then you can try the most widely used Wynk Music app and Jio Saavan app for sure. These two music apps are one of the most popular and genuine ones available in the market for the users. To overcome your confusion about which music app you should choose, we are going to compare both of these apps so that you would get a better idea before using any of them.

Wynk Music app

Wynk Music offers a very friendly streaming service to its Airtel users worldwide. If you are not an Airtel customer, then you would get limited streaming for only 100 songs per month and not more than that. But for the Airtel users, there is unlimited streaming and no limit at all. You can also go for the paid version of this app for unlimited songs download and various other premium features of this app. Wynk Music app has a great collection of all the regional music and also better curation of a library.

As a user of this app, you would be able to add in-memory songs and offline songs to the same playlist. You can also set the download quality of your music and there will be no notification spam for sure. The user interface is easy to understand and appealing for the users. The only main issue with this app is its predisposed pricing towards the Airtel users and complex pricing scheme.

Jio Saavan App

Jio Saavan App is one of the most famous and trustworthy music entertainment apps available in the market for Jio users worldwide. It has more than 15 million users all around the world. You would be glad by knowing that it offers unlimited streaming and you do not have to pay for using it. For downloading music, you need to pay for the paid version. You only need a single account for using the paid version and it is just an upgrade to the normal streaming service for the users. It has a 90 days free trial for the Jio subscribers.

The user-interface of this app is simple and songs will be searched rapidly. The app covers the vast collection of more than 4 lakh Bollywood songs and also regional music. It also includes the international music of famous singers and actors. In the category of International music, you can easily search mainstream Electronic Music and new songs from all genres. As a user of the Jio Saavan App, you can also follow your friends and check out the songs they are listening at any time.


From my personal experience, I would like to suggest the Jio Saavan app to everyone due to its great collection of Bollywood and international music. It is a great music app for a common music listener who is interested in the Bollywood music and willing to discover more old Bollywood classics without paying much.

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