If you are looking for a Netflix Free Account, we will let you know the best ways to get a free Netflix Account in 2021. No doubt, Netflix is the most popular streaming service globally, and the platform has a large number of video libraries to choose from.

Because of these reasons, the pricing and the subscription of Netflix are a bit higher when compared to other services like Prime Videos, Hulu, etc. However, there are some ways to get a free Netflix account and get it for low prices. Before going into details, we would like to tell you something about the free Netflix account login details available on the Internet.

Can we use the Free Netflix login and Password available on the Internet

If you search in google, say, Netflix free account, free Netflix account, Netflix free login, and Password, etc., you may find so many websites that share login details, including username and passwords, so that you can watch Netflix for free.

But the question is, are they genuine, or the free Netflix login details are safe to use? The answer is simple. No, don’t use them. But we are not saying that all of them are fake or dangerous. Some are genuine and even work without any issue.

But to make it clear, we never recommend using any publically available login details personally. You can see that some websites offer login details, and they work too. But you need to know some facts about that.

How does the free Netflix account work?

As said above, not all are fake, and some websites offer the same with some good intentions. For example, some websites offer their readers free Netflix account. In addition, they might subscribe to multi accounts share the account with their readers.

But, in that case, the account details are shared only via email or private communications, not displaying the username and Password on public websites. So it isn’t easy to understand the source of those accounts that are available publically on the Internet.

There were reports that, in various countries, some hackers stole users’ credit card information. Rather than taking the money directly from the credit card, they use the money to purchase services like this and finally sell them to other users to collect money. So the hackers will convert the stolen credit card money to white money.

Sometimes, if you get a free account, it might be one purchased in that way. For example, the account might be genuine, but the money spent here is not genuine. In this case, we can’t find whether it is genuine or not. So the best and safe way is to keep away and not to use those accounts.

How to get Fee NetFlix Account in Genuine way

We never recommend using the free Netflix account using the username and Password available on the Internet. But there are few other genuine ways to get a free Netflix account.

Netflix Free Trial

In some countries, Netflix is offering a free trial and if that available in your country, you can try that for 7 days or 30 days depends on the availability. If that is available in your region, you can try that.

Free Netflix with Mobile and Broadband Plans

Some mobile and internet service providers are also offering free Netflix subscriptions to their users. For example, T-Mobile in the United States and Jio in India offer a free Netflix subscription and the existing mobile and broadband plans.

Sharing the Netflix Account

This option is not a completely free option to watch Netflix; however, you can give it to others or get it from others for free if possible. Netflix offers to create 3 to 5 profiles within an account. That means, if you subscribe to a plan, you can share them with up to 5 people.

So, you can share them freely with your friends or relative. If that doesn’t work for you, get 5 people and share the money equally and get an account so that, effectively, you need to pay only one-fifth of the total subscription.

We also found some people are selling the split account with others via telegram and websites. But make sure to buy from those you trust.

Free Netflix account via Giveaway

Another way to get a free Netflix account is via Giveaway. Some big websites and blogs do giveaways and offer their readers gifts like a free Netflix account. You can find them on the Internet by searching free Netflix giveaways, Netflix account giveaways, etc.

You can participate in those giveaways and get them for free, which is safe and risk-free. However, it is also to be noted that the Giveaway won’t be available all the time, and you need to search for that.

We are also happy to say that we are doing the Giveaway most time, and we are planning to launch the ExpressVPN Giveaway next month and the Free Netflix giveaway after that. So if you are looking for a genuine free Netflix account, don’t miss the chance.