Disney+ and the Disney Plus Hotstar are the same services, with different contents served in different regions. Disney+ was the streaming service available in the US and on the other side, and Hotstar was the streaming service that started and became available in India.

Later as a part of the expansion, Hotstar started the US streaming service, which was available under Hotstar US service. However, a few years back, Disney Plus and Hotstar combined in India and rebranded, and Disney+ Hotstar and Hotstar in US were discontinued.

Hotstar USA No Longer Available

The problem caused is that once the Disney Plus service started in India and was rebranded Hotstar as Disney Plus Hotstar, the Hotstar USA service was discontinued because, in the US, Disney is already serviced under the name Disney Plus.

Since the Hotstar in USA is unavailable, many find it problematic as they miss several regional contents available only on Hotstar.

How to Watch Hotstar in USA?

Since Hotstar in us is no longer available, here we will check how to watch Hotstar in us in alternative ways. So, let’s see how to watch Hotstar in USA.

Get a Hotstar India Account

To watch the Hotstar in USA, you must first get a Hotstar India account. To do so, visit the official Hotstar website and sign up for an account using a social media account or an Indian phone number. Once the account is created, you can watch the free content or subscribe to the premium content by paying.

Watch Hotstar in US using VPN

Since Hotstar service is unavailable in the US, you won’t get the content directly by visiting the website or using the application. You must get a good VPN with speed and an Indian IP address. Once connected to the Indian IP address using the VPN, you can use the Hotstar app or webiste to watch the contents of Hotstar in USA.

Watch Hotstar in USA using Proxy Services

Another great option to watch Hotstar in the us is using proxy services like SmartDNS Proxy or ControlD. Both are excellent services that offer access to geo-restricted content without VPN and by not changing the IP access. Proxy services won’t slow down the speed, too; hence, you can watch the Hotstar in us without any buffering.

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