David Attenborough Narrated Wild Karnataka Streaming on Discovery Plus

Of late, you can find several video streaming app for watching your favorite movies, shows, and various other award-winning documentaries. With so many options available, it becomes difficult to choose a reliable and genuine video streaming app for sure. If you are looking for a fast and smooth video streaming app for your overall entertainment requirements, then you should go for the Discovery Plus Mobile App right now. It is an awesome mobile app for the users who are looking for Live discovery channels and shows on their phones.

The mobile app features the shows of several channels including the Discovery Channel and other channels which include Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Discovery Turbo, and TLC. The Discovery Plus Mobile app is free to download from Google Play Store and IOS app store for the users worldwide. It has an incredible interface that is simple to understand for everyone. The app has two menus which include shorts and MindBlown. In short, you can watch all the short videos available in different categories; Animals, Food and Adventure. In the MindBlown section, you can check out the videos related to Science, Underwater Adventures, and the Food industry.

Wild Karnataka

Discovery Plus is now streaming on of the best video named Wild Karnataka. The program is available only for the premium users and is available in different languages. The English version is narrated by the famous David Attenborough. Wild Karnataka is all about the wild life of the South India’s largest forest. It is the first 4K shooted video about wild life in India. No doubt because of that reason, the visuals are highly attractive and you will love that too.


Users can go for the monthly subscription as well as an annual subscription as per their overall requirements. Some contents are available for free and for some contents you need to pay for it. It offers an annual plan at just Rs 299 and the monthly plan will cost you only Rs 99. As a user of this mobile app, you would be able to enjoy the latest TV shows, videos, and many other contents related to animals, auto, lifestyle, food, and science easily. You would be glad by knowing that the latest streaming programs are available which includes How the Universe Works, Man vs Wild, Gold Rush, Tiger land, and Stephen Hawking’s Grand Design are also available in this app.

The videos in Discovery Plus mobile app are available in several languages and you can choose as per your preference. The language includes English, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali, Kannada, and Malayalam. It would be better for you to understand that all videos are not supporting multiple languages as there would be some videos that are only available in the English language. Also, there are streaming quality settings to watch videos so that you can easily adjust video quality according to your internet connection. It would be better to use Chromecast to enjoy the videos on a big screen without any hassle.


Discovery Plus Mobile is a perfect video streaming app for the audience who prefers watching only the content related to animals, science, and adventure. You would love watching videos and TV shows in high quality without any performance issues for sure. It includes all the old and new programs so that you would never miss anything. Also, it is not expensive and very affordable compared to other video streaming apps available in the market for the users. Just give it a try and experience its benefits right now!

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