Last November TRAI has set a new rule for the Cable and DTH industry in the Country. As per the new rule, subscribers have the right to choose whatever channels they like and pay only for those. The new rule made great concern to the users all over the country thinking that the subscription price will go up.

TRAI made the new rule to be implemented by December 28th but later it was postponed to January 31st. TRAI also proposed this was the last day for the users and the providers to be migrated to the new plan.

What Will Happen After January 31 ?

As per the TRAI’s latest statement, all the cable tv and dth operator has to ensure that all their users migrated to the new plan. If any user failed to switch to new plan all the channels that are watching right now will be unavailable. There will not be any extension on the date after January 31st.

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How many Channels will be Available After January 31st ?

It will depend on the user’s choice. If the user did not selected the plan before the time. User will be switched to the default plan and all the paid channels will be stopped from the pack.

What is the default Plan ?

As per the default plan, user will get 100 free to air channels at a base price of Rs. 153.50/-. Other than the default price, the user will have to pay additional amount depend on the price of each channels as per the choice.

What is the price of Paid Channels ?

The price of the paid channels vary form 10 paisa up to 19 rupees. Most of the Star Network channels have comparatively high price of Rs. 19 where as some channels from TV 18 and Sony etc have low as Rs 5 and below.

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How much will the subscription cost with the new rule ?

The subscription cost will be higher for some users, whereas for some others it will be less. If the user are currently watching a large number of paid channels, then as per the new rule, the subscription cost will be much higher. In the case of those users who used to watch only few channels, then the subscription price will be low.

Will the new rule makes the things better ?

TRAI proposed the new rule in favour of subscribers and to stop the monopoly of the cable and DTH providers. Currently cable and DTH providers are giving package based subscription and as per the scheme, subscribers are forced to watch some channels that they does not really needs. There is no way to remove any unwanted channels from their pack.

But as per the new rule, subscribers have the complete control over their package selection. Users have the power to choose the required channels they need and to pay for that only.

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But because of the high price of some of the channels, getting all the channels together will force the subscribers to pay more. Otherwise they have to limit the number of channels. If the channel networks didn’t reduced the price of their channels, then it is clear that, user will not get the less number of channels after January 31 at the same price.

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