Are you the one who is looking for an authentic, trustworthy, and reliable way of finding a digital platform for the clients of web designing plus web development?

There are a bulk of marketplaces such as Upwork, Guru, or Fiverr, etc. that offer you a platform to every user to get the best clients of their choice.

There are a few clients that want to collaborate with proficients for long-term and short-term projects. Here, you will glance at the best and the most genuine WordPress development sites or web development projects.

The precise mention of the websites below follows a particular protocol where you can apply for the job. Further, you have to share your profile, and in turn, clients give you an invitation to hire expert developers and designers. These sites make it easier for users to find their clients. In this, some of the sites charge no fee; however, others have their individual member fee before and after completing the project. Also, some sites charge you based on the projects. On the other hand, many websites charge both ways.

Hence, find here the leading compilation of websites:

1. Upwork


Upwork is one of the best choices for developers, programmers, and designers, including many other sectors. When you want to have smaller projects, Upwork ranks best among all types of freelancing sites. The cost of any proposal on Upwork is 20% that is their commission charge.

Functioning Pattern: Users don’t require uploading their resume on Upwork. On this website, clients only wish to know details such as profile picture, education, skills, employment history, profile, plus overview.

Keep a note of this that when you work on this site, after every ten minutes, your desktop’s screenshot gets assembled in the “Work Diary,” when you work on an hourly basis.

Charges: On this site, registration costs you nothing as you can freely get quotes from any freelancer. Further, for the processing of a payment, a price of $3 is what they charge.

Moreover, Basic, Plus, along Business, are the three modes of Upwork pricing. The Basic mode of payment is for free; For Plus payment mode, it cost you $49.99/month, and finally, it cost $849/month for a Business mode of payment to enjoy advanced freelancing.

2. Fiverr


For smaller projects, Fiverr holds the best freelance marketplace to find clients. In this, the freelancers introduce their profiles as they mention what services these freelancers will offer. They can even post an introduction video on Fiverr. Companies or employers can search for experts by directly hoping onto categories like “Web and Mobile Design,” or type the keyword.

Fiverr has an abundance of work opportunities for professions such as programmers, business owners, tech workers, animators, translators, content writers, and many more.

Functioning Pattern: On this site, there is no requirement of attaching the sample work as potential employers can view your seller link when they want to see your sample work. In this, buyers can witness your gig images along with your past work. Further, these buyers can message their preferred professionals for further details, samples, or any other information.

Charges: If you wish to purchase the freelance services of Fiverr, then one has to give the payment of $1 on every purchase that can reach up to $20. Also, when the orders surpass $20, the website charges around 5% of the whole amount.

One can also charge beyond 5%. You can also freely sign up on this excellent website by paying a 20% commission charge on each payment you accept.

3. PeoplePerHour


PeoplePerHour is a specially designed job website for various freelance developers, programmers, and designers. Among the business owners, it has huge popularity as it promises to deliver top-quality work, and it also ranks on top that offers high-payment jobs.

Now, users can create their profiles for free. However, one can find their favorite jobs when they sign up and choose a paid plan. The site is apt for business analysts, financers, consultants, writers, and much more.

On this site, you will find some important details, including “Selection of Your Skills,” “Add References,” Set Your On-Site Preferences,” “Tell Us About You,” and last but not least, “Personalize Your Application.”

Functioning Pattern: PeoplePerHour asks for various reference links. Also, employers can see your previous work by viewing your accounts on LinkedIn or Facebook. In addition to this, the employers do not need your CV or resume; neither they need your contact details.

Keep this in mind; if you do so, then be ready from the employers’ side as your application may get canceled. Interestingly, users or freelancers can upload their sample work on the site.

Charges: There’s no sign-up or registration fee of the site. Moreover, the site charges you no fee when you see the projects. Additionally, they also charge nothing when you post a project Offer. Per Hour contracts or Auto-Pay contracts are there in their minimum payment mode that cost around £6| €7|$10.

Further, a minimal invoice or service fee charges you around £2.5 | €3 | $3.5. Furthermore, PPH is a website that attracts freelancers with its extraordinary service packages, and that begins from £10.

4. Freelancer


Without a doubt, the freelancer website is one of the top-class freelancing websites for finding any freelance work. It’s the biggest marketplace that gathers the attention of a massive crowd with a registered account of about 32 million users.

Further, you can get an abundance of desirable work from freelance employers. Also, users can view the posting of job vacancies every day where one can sign-up for free.

Functioning Pattern: To show your freelance work, users require to show the resume. Further, one to has to mention his/her “Functioning Pattern” of their freelance work on their resume.

Charges: The sign-up on the Freelancer website is for free. Employers can freely post any project/job on the site.

The freelancers can conveniently receive bids, and employers can go through a complete review of the freelancer’s profile accompanied by discussing every detail of the project.

Also, one has to make a payment that depends on different projects.

5. 99Designs


99Designs is again an excellent freelance website that suits best for web designers. The job includes work such as logos, book covers, and so much more. Moreover, the website lets every client participate in its amazing contest.

Functioning Pattern: Designers can showcase their thoughtful knowledge and creative work. Therefore, users can submit their unique designs via an amazing design contest.

Charges: You can show your creative work for free.

6. Guru


Guru is a freelance website that has its valuable presence worldwide and registration of 3-million users globally. Programmers, designers, writers, architects, and so many professions users can find here.

Functioning Pattern: “WorkRooms” are there on Guru to uniquely collaborate, track, and communicate with freelancers.

Charges: Users can conveniently create free job postings on this site within a couple of hours. Moreover, after you create a job posting, you will start having quotes. There’s a charge of 8.95% as a payment fee for basic members of the site’s price plan.

7. Toptal


Toptal is a first-class platform for various programmers, web designers, and engineers. When you work with Toptal, you get the exclusive and unmissable opportunity to work with some of the world’s popular and biggest companies. This website’s client list is tremendous as it includes Airbnb, ZenDesk, and Pfizer, and other classic brand names.

Functioning Pattern: Toptal has a very diligent and careful screening process, and only 3% of the top freelancers make it to the list.

Charges: Hourly, Part-Time, and Full-Time engagement types are there. Here, freelance users can set their own rates. Also, the site says that the average rates are there depending on how much it cost:

On Hourly Basis For Businesses:$60-$95+/hour.

When You Work On Part-Time Basis For Businesses: $1,000-$1,600 plus per week.

On Full-Time Basis For Businesses: $2,000-$3,200 plus per week.

Finally, all these online platforms are experts in finding freelance work that guides you well! And we will surely suggest you have a view at these popular freelance online platforms which can make your pocket look heavy and full of a penny.