A hassle-free WooCommerce checkout process is a key part of any online shop, as conversions occur in checkout. A smooth checkout process makes any traffic to your website your real customers. You can lose visitors who could potentially become valuable customers for not having a user-friendly checkout.

The top reasons for online shopping cart abandonment are mostly related to having a poor checkout process. Top reasons include mandatory account registration, not enough payment options, hidden charges, and more.

By optimizing the WooCommerce checkout process on your site, you can increase your conversion rate. Of course, there will always have some cart abandonment, but you can obviously improve the checkout process to lessen the number of abandonment.

Today, we will discuss 5 proven strategies to optimize your WooCommerce checkout process, which ultimately leads to reduced cart abandonment and increased conversions.

1. Remove Unnecessary Fields

The default WooCommerce checkout process has 12-14 fields on an average online store. However, some customers don’t want to fill out all those fields as it’s annoying. Instead, they prefer simple and easy checkout.

That’s why customers are reluctant while you are asking for too much information. So keep the fields as limited as possible and make the customers feel comfortable giving you just the information you need.

Once you have come to a decision, install a WooCommerce checkout customization plugin like Woolementor to customize your shop’s cart, checkout or any other page. This kind of premium plugin allows you to modify your current checkout fields and make them user-friendly.

2. Remove or Simplify the Account Creation Process

Forced account creation is also another main reason for cart abandonment. That’s why you should simplify or remove any account creation or login option for checking out. Offering checking out as guests is a great idea.

You can always ask for more information and even account creation once the checking out is complete.

Also, you can add the option for Social Sign-in Option for allowing your website visitors to log into your online store with their social accounts like Twitter, Google, or Facebook. Creating an account using social accounts is straightforward, and most customers will love it.

You can also use Woolementor’s My Account widget to let the existing user login instantly on the checkout page.

You can try Nextend Social Login and Register plugin that works efficiently to connect your website’s visitor’s social accounts to the account they create on your web store. This plugin will do automatically and instantly for you.

3. Eliminate Hidden Costs

Hidden shipping fees, taxes, or non-functioning coupon codes are major causes of cart abandonment. Make sure you eliminate any such costs.

You should include all types of fees, item shipping costs, and taxes on the product page or any other part of the WooCommerce store where it’s easily visible to the customers. Thus they will know and consider what fees they will pay on the WooCommerce checkout page.

Adding a delivery calculator on your checkout page to make customers more comfortable with the costs. You can easily incorporate a delivery time calculator into your WooCommerce checkout page with the Order Review widget of Woolementor.

Also, you should let your customers try different coupon codes directly on the cart or checkout page. On most online stores, the main page of their checkout process is for a shipping address, and customers are not allowed to use any coupon code on the same page. For this reason, those store owners lose potential customers. That’s why you need to ensure the option to post coupon codes is available on the same page.

4. Enable Multiple Payment Methods for your store

Most users refrain from purchasing an item because their preferred payment option isn’t available in the online stores. Users usually trust and prefer an online store with multiple payment methods.

That means the more payment options you offer, the better your chances of converting your store visitors into potential customers. Most of the popular payment method plugins for WooCommerce are free to use. Although some popular payment method plugins for Authorize.net, AliPay are premium on WooCommerce, but they are totally worth it if you have a large number of customers using those methods.

The cost of adding lots of payment gateways might seem like a burden to you. So, you should choose the ones that will really matter the most to your target customers. You should always consider which countries your customers are coming from and what payment methods are popular there.

Also, add options for mobile payment methods in your store because many customers do their online shopping using mobile devices. You should consider keeping mobile payment methods like Apple Pay, and Google Pay, etc.

5. Gain Trust

If visitors can’t trust your WooCommerce store, why would they share personal information or rely on you to complete the order? The checkout page is the final test for your store’s trustworthiness.

You can make your business more trustworthy by displaying product reviews on the shop page and the top or bottom of the WooCommerce checkout page. The reviews from happy customers work as social proof to potential buyers. It also reflects that your business delivers as promised. You can also showcase certifications and memberships with other top marketplaces or vendors.

Make simple and easy-to-understand refund policies and contact information for your online store. Make sure this information is not hard to find for your customers. Refund policy and contact information demonstrate the reliability and honesty of your business.

Consider adding a live chat feature for your WooCommerce store. So that if a shopper has questions or issues with any product, they can easily get in touch with a member of your team. This will also save you from bad reviews and ratings.


The WooCommerce checkout process of your store can make or break a sale. If you take these steps, it will be easy for you to decrease that cart abandonment number and increase the conversion rate of your online store. All these tips mentioned above are about satisfying customers. If you focus on meeting the customer needs, you’ll be able to have a lot more in no time.

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