Some Effective PPC Reporting Stratagems for Boosting Your Business in 2020

Almost everybody working in PPC must have made a report. We understand that a PPC report must contain everything right from seasonal spikes to account performance changes, clients would be requiring ongoing visibility into all their current campaigns and it is understood that campaign managers are actually bound to deliver.

As per, businesses could be accomplishing numerous goals with PPC and that may include finding new leads, boosting brand visibility, increasing traffic, and enhancing conversions. Generating an effective PPC campaign necessitates strategic planning for ensuring success.

PPC reports provide clients a comprehensive and conclusive performance review. They do not simply provide complex numbers; they come up with explanations and showcase precisely what had taken place last month. This is all done in a single compact and concise report that elucidates key information. Keep in mind that data visualization converts the PPC marketer into a skilled storyteller. Great reports are known to go far beyond the actual story and assist in shaping ongoing PPC stratagem for campaigns through insight and proper analysis. A wonderful PPC report is all about data, goals, and even delivery.

PPC reporting is of pivotal importance for retaining clients. Moreover, PPC reporting is not just restricted to PDF reports any longer. Clients attach high value and true worth to freshly-generated data that are accessible and available easily on demand, information via email, automatic discovery of trends, information available on office or home TV screens, and via Slack.

New Challenges that 2020 Holds for Online Marketers

Every year tends to have a new set of challenges for marketers, but perhaps none have been as potent as that brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. PPC and SEO marketers now find themselves facing clients who are dramatically slashing their budgets but not their expectations, thus there are hopes that they deliver more for less. As before, clients expect immediate returns whenever they make an investment, but even before that, they demand granular, real-time reports, constant, personalized attention, and the best of results.

The pool for new customers is also likely to be dry for a while, as are the hopes of being able to retain the business one gets from existing clients, who themselves might be struggling to stay afloat. That said, it is not all doom and gloom; the PPC and SEO experts who can adapt, pivot, and keep with the demands of the times mind find access to an even larger client pool once this is through.

But to really establish yourself now, you need to constantly deliver fantastic results and over-perform against market expectations for PPC campaigns. A major pillar of this is reporting. Every marketer will send a weekly or monthly PDF report highlighting more mundane aspects of the marketing process to the client to show them how their money is being put to use.

But if you can ride the wave and provide an interface through which clients can access reports for your work in an intuitive, granular manner, this might really be a differentiating factor that keeps them coming back to you. Clients are no longer looking for a fit and forget solution by offloading the marketing responsibility to you. They want to be kept involved and they want to be treated like people who know what they are doing and deserve to be kept in the loop.

Once you have all your data and goals either automatically generated or manually gathered it is certainly, story time. If you are the PPC Manager, you must utilize this valuable data for telling the quarterly, weekly, or monthly story to your client. Everything depends on precisely the way you end up conveying the failure or success. You must consider setting expectations and explain visually your strategy and results. Get in touch with Social Market Way SEO Company for all your PPC and SEO solutions.

The Executive Report

This is the kind of report that you would hand to a top-level executive who doesn’t need to be concerned with the atomic details of how things are being done but absolutely wants a high-level overview that includes all the relevant metrics. While dropping the detail, you must include key metrics that make sense to them, like ROI, Reach, Clicks Generated, Conversions, Impressions, and Overall Cost.

Alongside this, you should also highlight the different campaigns and strategies that are working well and those that aren’t so they know what you are prioritizing. Further, demographic or region-wise breakdowns of the success of your campaigns are also worth including because they are easy to understand and can drive executive decisions. Your data also needs context, meaning quarterly and year-on-year performance also needs to be left in the report so they understand how much better your results are for them.

It is often felt that data generated at PPC platforms could be too shallow or too detailed not demonstrating adequate information. Initially, this may seem contradictory but in reality, it seems sensible if you know that reports, as well as, channels utilized for delivering them must complement reporting goals. Moreover, every goal needs a wee bit of diverse data and detailing level.

Remember that an executive report must not prove to be overwhelming because of excessive data for clients who are extremely busy. There is absolutely no scope for detailed breakdowns like individual advertisement performance. It is of critical importance to utilize the most effective and apt template that has been produced by an expert team of highly-qualified data scientists.

Keep in mind that client executives are very busy. You may consider including in your report narratives that simply highlight a few key points and present a report summary. Your report must be nice and easy for busy executives to digest.

Showcase Report

These reports showcase your top results and demonstrate the most remarkable improvements in the overall paid advertising reach, cost-per-click, click-through-rates, and ROI. We know that showcase reports have been inherently designed for impressing your clients, keeping your NPS high, and even reducing churn.


Marketing agencies and professionals who fail to adapt to the latest and innovative ways of PPC reporting would be losing out to the competition. A good PPC report is supposed to narrate your data story tying it seamlessly to the overall goals and objectives of your business. Demonstrate actionable progress towards the goals and objectives of clients over both long and short-term in all your PPC reports.

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