SiteGround is a famous web hosting company which is servicing more than 2,000,000 domains all around the world. It offers cloud hosting, shared hosting, and enterprise solutions as well as domain registration and email hosting. There are many people worldwide who prefer using the SiteGround affiliate program due to its great features and benefits to the users. It is easy to get your affiliate link and earn commissions easily without any hassle for sure.

Recently, SiteGround has notified all its members that its affiliate program is going to be discontinued in some regions including India. If you are also part of a SiteGround Affiliate program, then you should be aware of its latest notifications to the members. After 5th November 2020, you would not be able to promote SiteGround hosting as an affiliate if you are currently living in those mentioned specific regions for sure.

As per the recent report, it has been proved that there are many SiteGround affiliates all around the world who received the email from the SiteGround affiliate program today saying ‘Your SiteGround affiliate account will be suspended in 14 days’. This email has provided all the information to the affiliates regarding stopping the latest SiteGround affiliate program.

The email further stated that “We have finally decided to discontinue the Affiliate program for your region and SiteGround affiliate account will be suspended from November 5, 2020”. With this email, many SiteGround affiliates worldwide become curious to know more about this latest news from the SiteGround.

Why closing operation in a specific region?

The SiteGround has also stated that it is not easy for us to say goodbye to many loyal and valuable loyal affiliates who have joined with us for many years. But due to some poor circumstances, poor performance indicators, and the increasing regulatory complexities in specific regions, it becomes not possible to continue the SiteGround Affiliate Program.

There is no doubt while saying that there are higher regulatory complexities in specific regions which makes the entire process more complicated for sure. To get rid of all those poor performance indicators and increasing regulatory complexities, SiteGround has decided to stop the affiliate program in specific regions forever.

Below-average performance indicators

The affiliate program is a pay-for-performance model where the affiliate gets paid for every sale he/she generates with the help of affiliate partners. The email also stated that rates of commission are typical for the hosting industry, which we provide to our partners. It also even exceeds the value of the initial sale. This is the main reason why we prefer checking KPIs such as lifetime span, refereed accounts, and renewal rates which helps in determining our ability to get a fair revenue share for our valuable partners and the long-term program sustainability.

Due to some circumstances, SiteGround latest analysis shows that the sales coming from some specific regions have deteriorating KPIs, including a higher cancellation rate than program average, low renewal rate, and short life span of the referred accounts. Due to below-average performance indicators, SiteGround has decided to stop the Siteground Affiliate program in some specific regions permanently.

Regulatory and Tax complexities

Another main reason behind the stopping of the SiteGround affiliate program is the poor regulatory and tax complexities. The email has further stated that the heavier regulations and increasing tax complexities impose an extra bureaucratic and financial burden on the program.

All these factors increase a fatal financial risk and it can easily affect the sustainability of the program in the coming years for sure. SiteGround is not in a position to take any kind of financial risk with their financial goals and prefer staying away from it as much as possible. This is a reason why SiteGround has taken the hard decision to stopped operation in specific regions without any second thought.

What does it mean for affiliate program members worldwide?

  • If you are an affiliate program member, then you should note that in 14 days, your affiliate account will be suspended and you would not able to log into your Affiliate area. However, you can access the User Area but you will have no access to its Affiliate sections if you are a SiteGround Client. It will be better to delete your account right now else it will be deleted automatically from the website.
  • All of your outstanding affiliate sales, accumulated before the account suspension will be processed as per the mentioned terms and conditions. It would be better for you to understand that all approved commission will be transferred to your bank account and there is no need to worry about your payment at all. Also, there will no commission will be due to sales generated after the date of suspension.
  • To be on the safer side, it would be better for everyone to remove all SiteGround-related account information which includes links, banners, reviews, and even logos from your website. It should be done before November 5, 2020, and you should take it very seriously to stop generate new affiliate sales. As per section 9, the affiliate program members shouldn’t use the SiteGround trademark and various other brand items.

At last, it is not good news for the SiteGround Affiliate program members but they should say thank you for whatever they have achieved. It would be better for you to check your specific regions so that you would be able to check whether you can continue using the SiteGround Affiliate program or not. As a SiteGround affiliate, you cannot do anything if you belong to those specific regions where the affiliate program will be stopped permanently. In this case, you should start searching for another web hosting program that will provide you the same benefits or even better than SiteGround for sure.

There are many web hosting programs available in the market for users all around the world which offers the same features as SiteGround to the members. Make sure you are going through the positive and negative reviews of the web hosting program before proceeding further with the next steps. Just check it from your end and share your experience with us right now!