So your kid is 13 now and they are asking for a smartphone. Some parents decide to buy their child a phone even earlier than this age because obviously that’s keeping up with the modernism. That’s not all, as a parent it gives you a relief that in case of emergency they would just have to dial the number you saved on speed dial. But when giving a smartphone, you also die a little inside because you are exposing your kid to the world of internet, social media, and in short, giving them the opportunity to stick to another screen, ignoring you and everything around them. If you already had concerns about screen-time management, a smartphone might have added to your worries.

Some parents have even considered buying their kids the new dumb cell phone that has zero access to social media. It only has the calling, texting and alarm functions. I am pretty sure as a parent that would give you peace of mind and the satisfaction that your kid is away from all the internet junk. But how long can you keep up with it? And it’s definitely going to give your child blues. Most parents think that blocking access to something will ensure their kid stays away from it. Ok, let’s say you got your kid that dumb cell phone I just mentioned. What if their friend has a smartphone and your child is being exposed to unhealthy content from their friend’s phone? And on top of it, you don’t know about it. No parent would want to be in the dark when it comes to their kids, right?

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To be honest, our kids are smarter than we think they are and they can be doing all sorts of things behind our back. I say it’s better to buy them a smartphone and be in charge of how they use it with the latest spy app for Android phones. You can’t keep them from a smartphone but you can keep them from unhealthy exposure. Xnspy for instance could be used to track, monitor and restrict the usage of your child’s new smartphone. The Xnspy reviews Android say that it’s a promising app for parents who want to track the location of their kid, manage their screen-time and be sure they are using the internet in all the right away. In fact, you should search for Xnspy reviews Android yourself to find out how this app could help you with your kid’s smartphone concerns.

Wait, are you thinking that using the Latest spy app for Android phones to know what your kids do or where they are is an invasion of their privacy? It does not mean that you don’t trust them, it simply means you are verifying and monitoring what kind of digital footprints they are leaving on the internet. This is different from spying.

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When you are using Xnspy, your kids might take it as an instructive surveillance which is why it is crucial to set family ground rules the moment you buy them a new smartphone that also has Xnspy pre-installed. You can call it the ‘trust-but-verifying monitoring.’ But that’s not the only thing I would recommend. As a parent, you must talk to your kid about digital persona, cyberbullying, how to secure their personal identity, online predators and their tricks and anything else that you think would be necessary for them to know.

Also, if you really want to nurture healthy digital habits in your child to begin with, then lead by example. Don’t just tell them, show them.

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