Outsourcing the business is now common, and we can find the same in all the business fields, whether IT, Logistics, Accounting, etc. It not only saves time but can reduce the cost, overcome the infrastructure, and many more. Some organizations opt the outsource for some specific task that they need to perform once or during some particular period. On the other hand, some companies, especially IT companies, outsource tasks to third-party companies.

Outsourcing can help them to get the work done at a lower cost, and at the same time, they save time too. Here, the outsourced work gets done by the third-party company at a specific time. At the same time, the work and tasks of the leading company remain unaffected, which can increase their overall productivity. But one main thing here to be noted is to choose a suitable company before you outsource your business. So here we are looking step by step process to outsource your work or business.

Outsourcing Design has Several Advantages

  • Labor resources are being saved. When a firm lacks in-house designers or experience in a certain field, it is not required to teach its employees. Especially if the project isn’t long-term or the duties are only performed once. In addition, an external team resolves the issue of low workload or staff overload.
  • Saving money: Payroll costs and taxes are associated with in-house staff. Also, the cost of computers with the appropriate technical specifications and software licenses. And the firm only compensates the external team for the task that is completed.
  • Expertise gained over time and a new appearance from the outside studio. Design studios collaborate with various firms, giving them a broader set of skills and a greater understanding of trends and the industry in general.
  • Core business efficiency: When design work is outsourced, the company’s strategic goals and product development are not jeopardized.
  • As a result of business procedures that are not managed. If the in-house design team has to be managed, the art director oversees the creative team and develops all of the procedures in the external design studio.
  • The capacity to carry out a large-scale project that includes a variety of services. When the project is large, the in-house designer is unable to complete it all. In addition, a reputable studio would include specialists of various backgrounds who can produce both drawings and web design.

Where companies look for a design contractor

Recommendations work well both ways. The client initially approaches with great confidence. And for a contractor, recommendations are a channel for the warmest leads. Therefore, studios should pay attention to NPS – Net Promoter Score. Receive feedback on the quality of services, develop loyalty programs.

What are the criteria by which companies choose a contractor?

We thought that customers emphasized ratings, but most said ratings were a good addition but not the main criterion.

Even if the studio does not have relevant cases, communication must show its competencies and resources sufficient to complete the task.

In addition, sometimes studios do not publish projects under the terms of the NDA.

Respondents prefer the studio to offer a transparent workflow. She told how many people will work on the project, whether they work remotely or on staff, whether they will take the project to work immediately or not. And also, to prepare the exact terms of reference, calculate the timing and cost, prescribe the number of layouts/design concepts, iterations of the finished material.

How companies evaluate the design outsourcing market and what advice is given to design teams

We received positive feedback on art outsourcing in general: the market is developed, it covers all needs, you can find professionals for different money, there are both excellent performers and creative designers.

But we want to highlight a few critical answers and recommendations.

  • Lack of expertise in the regions. This problem is multifaceted. On the one hand, regional studios do not develop enough and promote themselves enough for companies to choose them for development in the local market.
  • Another situation. Regional studios create designs only for the local market, and sometimes it isn’t easy to attract them to large projects, especially international ones. They don’t understand the foreign target audience.
  • Studios should develop project management.
  • The project manager has a key role to play. He should “spam” the client with questions and talk directly about the goals, tasks, and future criteria for accepting the work. This will give the expected result. And there will be no numerous edits, rescheduling, and other troubles.
  • Design studios should have proven web development partners. Both the studio itself and the client will be calmer if the layout layouts of the interface are developed by reliable contractors with whom interaction has already been established. But the studio needs to make sure it trusts the web developers it recommends. Because any recommendations directly affect the reputation of the one who gives them.
  • Designers should be interested in other areas, like UX or UI design


We hope you learned something helpful from this article. Remember, always check outsourcing companies for compliance and pay attention to the qualifications of specialists.