Many of us visit classifieds websites to buy or sell something, find jobs, services, vacation, and tourism, etc. Locanto is also one of the classifieds websites. In this article, we will be talking about the 5 best online classifieds websites and will also be focusing on “how reliable is locanto?” among these classified websites. So let’s begin our topic:


Indeed is known best for providing jobs to the unemployed, posting vacancies for jobs, and require any kind of services. It also provides you the flexibilities to choose jobs nearby your living area. You select localities according to your comfort and they will show you the vacancies of jobs available.

It claims itself to be the no.1 job site in the world. They have a good employee base that is working day and night to make their dreams “to make people employed”. More than 200M people visit indeed every month. They always verify jobs before posting them on their site so that they can give real and useful jobs to their visitors.


Olx is another website on our list which is one of the better Classified websites which give you the flexibility of selling and buying something on its websites. But there are some flaws too in this website, this is why I used the word “better”. Many fraudsters and fake products are also mentioned on these websites which sometimes give users heartbreak because of losing money on something that is fake.

This questions the authenticity of Olx and decreases its authenticity among users. Because no one wants to buy something on websites which is home to many frauds. So before buying or selling something on Olx you must understand all the concepts of digital transaction. If you don’t know about digital transactions then there is a chance that you may close up losing your money.


What is Locanto? Well, many of you here may not know about Locanto then you should know that Locanto is one of the best classifieds websites which provides you a lot of services in one place. It is well known for providing jobs, listing vacancies, buy, rent, sale, services, real estate, vehicles, and pets. It was found by a German startup company Yalwa – the internet company and was launched in 2006. It has a huge user base and more than 60% of its traffic is from India.

How Reliable is locanto?

If we talk about the reliability of Locanto, it is one of the most authentic classifieds websites, which provides genuine services to its user as per their searches. It has more than 100m monthly visitors and its aim is to give the user an environment where they can find services under one roof and their employees are also working upon this mission. It also gives users access to post free ads of their requirements, services providing, and necessity.

There was a time where Indian media has criticized Locanto a lot by saying it as fake and bad websites because actress Sohani Padukone’s images were being used on locanto by an escort company. But all these things did not affect locanto because its American version is receiving more than half of its traffic from Indian users.

Google Kormo

Google Kormo is one of the other services provided by Google to its user base. It is a classified website started by Google to provide the user with a job portal service and to provide employment to many people. It connects job seekers to companies that require employees, it allows users to make and maintain a digital cv that can be used at the time of applying for jobs. It gives job seekers an opportunity to access relevant job openings and interview openings and also provides content to learn and grow in their job careers.

Although it is something new by google, it has managed to win the user’s beliefs by providing a lot of job seekers an opportunity to build their careers. It has more than 250M monthly average traffic on its site.


Quikr is one of the best classifieds websites. In 2015, it was mentioned as the second most trusted e-commerce brand. It provides a lot of services from buying, selling, renting to providing jobs. But like Olx, nowadays it is not many authentic websites to rely upon as there are so many inappropriate ads floating on Quikr and also so many fake job consultancy is able to do frauds with job seekers by taking their money in exchange for providing jobs.

Quikr being honest to its user also promised to look after its inappropriate ads and is working towards removing those ads. These inappropriate ads have decreased their reliability to their user base and also have affected its traffic by decreasing it by 30%. However, if we look at this site besides its inappropriate ads it is still managed to be in the list of best-classified websites. It also gives the user to manage their own ads and to moderate unethical ads which is something unique in its own way which might help it to be on the list of best classifieds websites.


So in the above context, we have discussed the top 5 best classifieds websites and also discussed “how reliable is locanto”. At last but not least, I would like to say that check the authenticity of the website and also check reviews of its apps on the app store by your side before doing any kind of transaction, buying, selling, or seeking jobs on any of the website.

So, in the end, you won’t regret using their services. Our work is to provide you with the best experience on the internet. However, you also become aware of how the internet and websites work and also learn the concept of digital transactions so that you can remain safe even if someone tries to do fraud with you.

I hope this article has helped you in summing up your queries but if you still have any queries regarding this or any kind of stuff on the internet then contact us through our contact us page and we will definitely try to resolve your queries.

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