Tech is behind every aspect of our daily life so that also means that there is a never ending pool of opportunities for work. Whether you want to start your own business or looking to work in a good tech company, here are a few good country alternatives if you’re looking to take a break from your current environment and relocate to Europe, for example:


Hungary has grown immensely fast over the last decade not only tech wise, but as a country as a whole. Budapest is a super popular hub for digital nomads from all over the world, as the city offers a good standard of living, diversity and prices are overall affordable for most. The tech community is big and there are plenty of opportunities within some big names who have offices there. If you’re interested to find out the average costs of living in Budapest, here is an idea.


Malta is one of the fastest moving countries in terms of economy, and that is in large part due to the Finance and Online Gambling industries which strongly dominate the Malta business sphere. With thousands of different companies in those fields, in the modest geographic measures of 27km in length and 14.5km in width (yes, that’s how small the entire country is), the Mediterranean island offers an above-average quality of life with an average salary for tech positions across all industries between €2k-€3k, and sunshine all year around.


This probably comes as a surprise to many, considering that Eastern Europe in general does not exactly have the reputation of a land of job opportunities, in tech or any other industry. However this can not be farther from the truth in the past decade, as Bulgaria together with Ukraine have been known for the high-end tech specialists coming from those countries and nowadays dominating the tech industry in Europe.

Bulgaria offers really low tax rates if you’re interested in starting your very own business, and Sofia is a multi million people city with people from all over the world. The standard of living is quite high but at a much lower price than anywhere else in Europe. If you’re looking for a stable climate and beautiful nature then you should definitely look into making Bulgaria your next destination, whether to settle down for a longer period of time or just to visit.

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