Zoro.to was a popular free anime streaming website that suddenly disappeared, leaving many users wondering what happened. Here’s the full story behind the shutdown of Zoro.to and the best alternative sites to use instead.

Zoro.to Rebranded to AniWatch.to, Then Shut Down

In early 2023, users noticed that Zoro.to began redirecting to a new domain called AniWatch.to. The new site had a similar interface but a different color scheme. Existing Zoro.to user accounts still worked on AniWatch.to.However, shortly after, AniWatch.to also went offline. Attempting to access Zoro.to now redirects to a page by the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE), stating the site was taken down for copyright infringement.

Why Zoro.to and AniWatch.to Were Shut Down

As free anime streaming sites, Zoro.to and AniWatch.to did not have the legal rights to stream copyrighted anime content. Pirate streaming sites frequently have to change domains as they receive DMCA takedown notices and risk getting blocked. It appears Zoro.to tried rebranding to AniWatch.to under new ownership to evade legal issues. However, this did not work, as AniWatch.to was also quickly taken down by ACE due to copyright infringement.

Best Legal Alternatives to Zoro.to

With Zoro.to and AniWatch.to gone, anime fans will need to find alternative sites to watch their favorite series. Here are some of the best legal anime streaming services:

  1. Crunchyroll – Offers a huge library of anime, with both free ad-supported and paid premium tiers.
  2. Funimation – Another major anime streaming service with a large catalog of dubbed and subbed shows.
  3. Netflix – Has a growing selection of anime series and movies, including some exclusive Netflix originals.
  4. Hulu – Provides a solid collection of anime, including many popular and classic series.
  5. Amazon Prime Video – Includes a number of anime shows free with a Prime subscription.

While not as convenient as free sites, these paid services support the anime industry and ensure you can reliably watch shows in high quality without worrying about the site suddenly going offline.

What to Do If You Were Using Zoro.to

If you previously used Zoro.to or AniWatch.to, be aware that your account information may now be in unknown hands after the ownership change and shutdown. Consider changing passwords on any other accounts where you used the same login details as a precaution. Going forward, it’s best to switch to using legal anime streaming sites and services.

Pirate streaming sites are unreliable and can disappear at any time, while official platforms provide a stable and high-quality viewing experience. In summary, Zoro.to rebranded to AniWatch.to in an attempt to avoid legal problems, but was ultimately still shut down for copyright infringement. Users should now move to watching anime on legitimate streaming services like Crunchyroll, Funimation, Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime Video. Though not free, these sites legally stream anime and support the hard work of the creators.

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