uMobix Review – Parental Control And Social Media Monitoring

In this article, we will review uMobix. First, we will tell you what uMobix is and how it works through the review. Then, we will talk about its features and pros and cons. And after all this, we will also tell you how you can monitor social media using the uMobix. So keep reading till the end.

What Is uMobix, And How Does It Work?

Are your children hiding their phones in front of you? Or do you worry that your children may get into the dangers of the Internet? If that’s all you are thinking, then uMobix is for you.

Well, uMobix is a well-known phone monitoring app that allows you to monitor or check your kids’ phone call logs, messages, social media activity, search history, and much more from your phone.

This app is straightforward; you don’t have to do much. The uMobix app is available for both Android and iOS devices. First, you have to install the app on your smartphone. After this, you must create and register your account in the app and choose a subscription plan. You will receive further instructions when you select a subscription plan. After that, you must follow the received instructions and install the uMobix app on the other mobile you want to monitor.

After doing all this, you have to go to your uMobix account on your mobile, and then the app will send you data from another mobile, allowing you to monitor that phone.

Through uMobix, you can monitor other phones’ calls, messages, social media and its messages, photos and videos, GPS location, keyboard typing, and much more. And it sounds pretty amazing.

The more children age, the more difficult it gets to protect them, even when protecting them from the dangers of the Internet. In such a situation, parents can use the uMobix app to protect their children from the dangers of the Internet.

And, if you think using uMobix is legal, let us tell you that It is legal to use the uMobix app only if you are monitoring your phone or your family member’s phone. Once you follow this app’s instructions, in a very short time, this app will start providing you with other phone data. The app also keeps on improving its monitoring ability through updates.

Features Offered By uMobix

Let us tell you that uMobix provides the same features on Android and iOS devices. So the features of uMobix are:

Call Tracking

Using the uMobix app, you can do call tracking of the phone that you are monitoring remotely from your phone. Call tracking is one of the best features of uMobix, through which you can check out the call history and contacts of the phone.

You can even know when a call was made, the incoming call was received, the duration, and even if a call was accepted, not accepted, or missed. This feature of uMobix is best for parents as it will help them to know who their kids are talking to.

SMS Monitoring

You can also monitor the SMS of any other phone remotely from your phone using the uMobix app. You can check all the incoming and outgoing messages in the contacts of the other phone you monitor. Moreover, you can also check messages through deleted SMS through the SMS monitoring feature.

Social Media Activity Monitoring

You can also monitor the social media activity of the phone that you are monitoring using the uMobix app. You can even know for how long social media platforms were used. You will also be able to check messages on different social media platforms.

Photos & Video Monitoring

Even if you want, you can check out the photos and videos of the other’s phone, or you can say you check out the entire gallery of the phone using the uMobix app. You can even find out on which date a particular photo was clicked or which video was shot.

GPS Tracking

You can also convert your phone into a phone tracker using the uMobix app. The GPS tracking feature of uMobix uses a remote device geo-location system and then transfers real-time location information to your uMobix account.


The keylogging feature in today’s monitoring apps has mostly not been seen. But if you install the uMobix app, you can also do keylogging. You will get up-to-date keylogging information through the uMobix app. This feature is best for parents who want to know what their kids are searching for on the Internet or how they are chatting with others.

Apps Monitoring

Through the uMobix app, you can also find out what apps are installed on someone else’s phone or what apps that person uses. It can also find out how long a particular app has been used. You can also find out which apps were installed or when they were removed. What’s more, you can also delete other phone apps from your phone using uMobix.

Internet Activity Monitoring

With all the things mentioned above, you can also find out how much the Internet is being used in the phone that you are tracking. This is one of the best ways for parents to protect their children from irrelevant things on the Internet. If you want, you can also know about recent searches done on the phone. You can learn more about internet activity even if you use the uMobix app.

Pros Of uMobix

Here are some pros of using uMobix:

Easy To Use Dashboard

The uMobix dashboard is straightforward to use. You can easily navigate through its dashboard and access every feature without hassle.

You Can Block Unwanted Calls

Apart from uMobix, we can only check who is talking to whom on a call out of all the monitoring apps we have checked. But using the same uMobix, you can also block unwanted calls remotely from your phone.

You Can Monitor Social Media Platforms

You can check the social media platforms of the phone that you’re monitoring remotely from your phone.

You can check Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or other social media platforms. You can even check social media messages if you want.

Real-Time Updates

You will get automatic real-time updates every 5 minutes via uMobix. uMobix automatically syncs and updates data every 5 minutes so that you have the update of every moment.

Reasonable Subscription Fee

In uMobix, you will see two subscription plans whose cost is also not so high.

But yes, the cost of subscription plans of uMobix is different for Android and iOS.

For Android and iOS, you’ll get a one-month basic subscription for $29.99. Basic subscription costs are the same for Android and iOS. However, you will get to see limited features in the basic subscription.

If you want more features, then you can take a full subscription for one month. For example, you will get a one-month subscription to Android for $59.99. In the same iOS, you will get this one-month full subscription for $ 49.99.

Cons Of uMobix

Here are the cons of uMobix:

Limited Features In The Basic Plan

You will get to see limited features in the basic subscription plan. However, if you opt for the basic subscription plan, you may miss out on some amazing and important features.

Battery Will Be Used More

There is no doubt that uMobix is an excellent mobile monitoring app with many good features. But these features will use a lot of battery of your device, due to which the battery percentage of your phone will go down rapidly. Even sometimes, your phone will heat up a bit.

Works Better On Android Devices

As mentioned above, uMobix offers similar features to Android and iOS devices. But according to our tests, we found that some of the features of uMobix work better on Android than iOS.

Some features do not work quite well in iOS, even sometimes they lag. Unfortunately, we can’t tell you when it will be fixed because uMobix developers can only improve it. However, this problem may be fixed soon as the uMobix app gets regular updates.

Slightly Difficult Installation Process For IOS Devices

If you are an Android user, you can easily install uMobix on your device and not face any problems.

But if you are an iOS user, it will be difficult to install uMobix.

Optimization Issues For iOS Devices

Even if you use the uMobix app on your iOS device, you may also see some optimization issues.

How Social Media Monitored Using uMobix?

Nowadays, more and more people use social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat, or Twitter. Moreover, Internet users of different communities with similar interests use all these social media platforms.

You create your social media account by providing your personal information. However, even after creating their social media account, they interact with other social media users. Later they chat and share things like music, photos, and videos.

Social media platforms are a great way to stay connected with your family and friends online.

There are many good things about social media platforms, but there are also many bad things about social media platforms. Unfortunately, those bad things are social media dangers.

Look, we are not saying that the social media platform itself is dangerous. However, even social media platforms do such things by themselves to keep their users safe.

Well, we are talking about social media platform threats that come from the online environment. So you may sometimes be involved in an online environment that you are unaware of, which may be a little dangerous for you.

You add your family members and friends to your social media platforms, but with this, you also add some people about whom you don’t even know. We are not saying that any stranger you add to your social media platform will be dangerous, but there is some possibility as social media fraud is increasing daily. Sometimes, you may add someone who is a hacker who wants to hack your social media account and your personal information.

There are many cases where the same thing has happened to some users. Such hackers often target kids because they easily get into these things. In such a situation, as a parent, you need to keep an eye on the social media accounts of your children. However, it becomes difficult to do this if your child does not want you to check their phone or check his/her social media account.

In such a situation, you can use the uMobix app to check your child’s social media platforms. All you have to do is install the uMobix app on your phone and create your account. After this, you must install the uMobix app on your child’s phone and log in to your account. After all this, you will be able to remotely monitor your child’s phone from your phone, through which you will also be able to check out the accounts of your child’s social media platforms.

The uMobix app will run in your child’s phone’s background, which he/she will not know. Your child will never know that his/her phone is being monitored unless you do something suspicious, like deleting the app from your child’s phone and removing or blocking your child’s social media platform friends.


So there is no doubt that uMobix is a fantastic mobile monitoring app. The uMobix app is best for those parents who want to monitor their kid’s phones for safety concerns. However, if you are a parent who uses an iOS device, you will face some problems using the uMobix app on your phone. So this uMobix review ends here; we hope you find this review article helpful for you.

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