Parents always want to be sure their kids are safe at any time, and it’s the same with technology. Kids these days are attached to their phones, and you may worry about what they’re doing on them and who they’re talking to on the phone or through apps.

Thankfully, with the KidsGuard Pro app, you can monitor your child’s device activity in real time, giving you full control over what they see and do on the phone or tablet. And, best of all, keeping them safe won’t cost you an arm and a leg! This article discusses how the kidsguard pro app works and how it can help keep your child safe while on their smartphone!

What is KidsGuard?

Parents can monitor the activities of their children on their smartphones using Kidsguard Pro. In this way, users can track mobile phones in various ways, including real-time tracking of calls, social media accounts, browser history, and even GPS location. In this Kidsguard Pro review, we will take a closer look at how to use Kidsguard Pro in greater detail. But first, you must install Kidsguard Pro on the target device and sign in to your dashboard to view the data tracked.

How Does it Work?

Install the Kidsguard professional app on your chosen device before you start following. This app will be inaccessible and track the device’s data while running in the background, which means that the device user is unaware of the app’s presence. However, after the app is installed on the device, it will allow you to connect to the Kidsguard Pro dashboard on any other device and sign in with an account username, password, and username to keep track of the device’s data.

It is also important to note it is important to note that Kidsguard Pro can also be utilized to keep an eye on iOS devices. In this instance, there is no have to install an app on your device. Instead, you’ll require the iCloud account details for the device to order to be able to monitor it.

KidsGuard Pro spy features

There are some differences between Android as well as iOS devices. Because of the limitations of Apple, some of the most advanced options aren’t available if you need to observe your iPhone and iPad. However, it is essential to be aware of it.

Call logging & SMS monitoring

KidsGuard Pro Dashboard features a dedicated Call Logs and Messages section that lets parents keep track of their children’s incoming and outgoing calls. Using the Call Logs section, you can see what types of calls (incoming, outgoing, and missed) are occurring and their durations, all sorted by date.

You can monitor the SMS sent and received from the smartphone via the Messages section, which also supports iMessage. In addition to labeling conversations with contacts, you can also see timestamps below the message bubbles.

Social media parental control

As you’ll see, one of the most appealing aspects of KidsGuard Pro is its ability to widely monitor social media apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Viber, Line, QQ, and other iPhones and iPad.

KidsGuard Pro offers a social media app monitoring service for Android mobile phones, including Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Tinder, Snapchat, and many other apps. You can check the messages, photos, and videos exchanged on social networks via the keylogger by clicking the Social Apps sidebar on the dashboard.

Monitoring web browsing activity

KidsGuard Pro monitors your child’s browser activity to ensure they are not exposed to malicious or harmful content. The Browser History tab makes it easy to find all the websites your child has visited.

In addition, the parental control app can recover deleted web browser history, so no stone is left unturned. The data is broken down by date and frequency of visits, website name, and web address.

Smart Location Tracking

Besides keeping your child’s interests safe online, you may also want to ensure the safety of your loved ones when they are away from home. KidsGuard Pro has devised an all-in-one location tracking tool that pinpoints your child’s live location and allows you to monitor when your child arrives or leaves a particular location.

Not only are there timestamp details of all the stops, but you can also set up geofence alerts that warn you if your child is coming or going from a designated area on the map.

As well as intuitive location tracking and geofencing, KidsGuard Pro also logs Wi-Fi locations. Locating your child at the exact location of his Wi-Fi connection takes location tracking to a new level when you know how long he logged on to a Wi-Fi network. However, Geofencing and Wi-Fi Logger are only available to Android users.

Remotely access media files

KidsGuard Pro allows you to access photos and videos remotely on Android and iOS devices to safeguard the children’s interest in your life and prevent explicit content and harmful media. In addition, you will be able to see their pictures and videos and all the data they store.

How to Monitor Online Activity Using KidsGuard Pro

KidsGuard Pro is an app that can be installed on your child’s phone. The app monitors the content of their text messages, social media activity, and other electronic communication in real time.

To install the application on your child’s phone, you’ll need to have physical access to their device. Once downloaded, the app will work in the background, logging all of their phone activity while using it.

Plus, when they’ve finished with their phone for the day or if they delete a message that you want to keep track of, there is a detailed activity log available for viewing at any time. This way, you can see what your child has been doing on their phone daily.

Kidsguard Pro Cost of different Packages

Kidsguard Pro is a paid program. Below are the different subscription plans that you could buy:

  • 1-Month Plan: $29.95 per month
  • 3-Months Plan: $16.65 per month
  • 1-Year Plan: $8.32 per month

The features included in your plan will differ from the plan you choose to use for Android or iOS, and while you will not receive a trial period for free, however, you will get a 30-day guarantee on your money back, and you can end your plan at any time.

Kidsguard Pro Customer Support

Support for customers using the service is accessible 24/5 days a week. They usually respond immediately to any issues you have. However, the typical response time could vary based on the method you choose to reach them.

Numerous how-to tutorials will help you install the app, configure it, and uninstall the application on your chosen device.


As you can see from this detailed Kidsguard Pro review, Kidsguard Pro’s features can be very beneficial when monitoring a device remotely.

These days, parents can never be too careful about their children. With the prevalence of mobile devices, you must monitor your child’s phone activity.

Fortunately, apps like KidsGuard Pro provide a safe solution for monitoring your child’s phone activity. This app helps you track what they’re doing on their device by providing easy-to-understand information about their activities. Apps like this are effective in keeping your child safe while using technology.

FAQ About KidsGuard Pro

Is KidsGuard Pro safe to use?

KidsGuard Pro app is 100% virus-free, and all user data is secured and encrypted. Furthermore, it doesn’t cause any impact on the device and can be obliterated if it is no longer wanted.

How does KidsGuard Pro work?

The target device requires an internet connection to ensure that it can upload information onto your dashboard. The process could delay if the device isn’t connected to any signal or linked to the internet.

Is it possible to track deleted messages or other files via KidsGuard Pro?

KidsGuard Pro allows you to check all deleted messages and data in real-time.

Is KidsGuard Pro Hidden?

It can be hidden after installation on an intended device. Even the app’s icon disappears to keep the device’s owners from discovering it. Additionally, even if the user searches for the application on their device, the app’s name won’t appear.

What is it that KidsGuard Pro Does?

KidsGuard Pro can access specific phone data, including contacts, call logs, and messages. However, not all are updated if you use an insecure Android phone or perhaps not jailbroken iPhone. It also allows you to monitor the phone’s location, track apps on social media, and perform commands remotely.