From its beginning, TrueCaller has been the most widely used caller id application worldwide as a caller id as well as a call blocker app. It was introduced as a typical caller id application initially; however, in the later period, we can see that the company introduced several new and great features.

Initially, the caller id worked with a simple classic popup window; later, it got an additional full-screen caller id screen. Now, TrueCaller introduced a Video Caller Id feature to its application. Whether you are Free, Premium, or a Gold user of TrueCaller, no matter, you can start using the video caller id feature right away.

So let’s see how we can enable the new video caller id feature on Truecaller and how it works.

How to Enable Video Caller ID on Android?

Now we will check how to activate and enable the video caller id feature on TrueCaller. To use the video caller id feature on TrueCaller, you need to set the TrueCaller as the default application for your calls on your phone.

To do so, follow the below steps.

Step 1: Goto the settings on your Android Mobile.

Step 2: From the settings, Find and Tap on App management. The naming may be different on each handset. It can be Apps, Apps & notifications, etc.

Step 3: From the app management section, click on Default Apps

Step 4: In the default apps section, tap on the Phone app and select TrueCaller from the list.

Now the TrueCaller app is set as the default phone app. This is important as TrueCaller caller id can only work if selected as the default Phone app.

Next, we can enable the Video caller id option on the Truecaller app.

Step 1: Open the TrueCaller app and Tap on the Menu icon (3 bars at the top left or the three dots at the top right corner)


Step 2: Then, find the Settings option from the list and tap on it.

Step 3: Tap on the Caller ID option in the settings.


Step 4: Scroll down, and you can find an area called Video Caller ID. Within that, you can find an option called Show your Video Caller ID. Enable that option.


Step 5: Now, you will get another screen, in which you need to create a custom Video as your caller id. Click on the CREATE NOW button.


Step 6: On the next screen, you can either record a custom video as per your choice or can select any available video templates shown.


Step 7: Once done, click on the Tick Symbol at the bottom.


Step 8: On the next screen, you will get the confirmation and click the GOT IT button.


Done, the video caller is now set successfully, and you can check how it works.

How TrueCaller Video Caller ID Works?

It is important to know how the TrueCaller video caller id works too. As mentioned earlier, to work the Truecaller caller id, you need to set Truecaller as the default Phone app on your Android Mobile.

If you set the Video Caller ID option from the TrueCaller app, the person you call will see your video as the Caller id once they receive your calls. However, there is a twist, the person receiving your call should also use the TrueCaller as the default phone app (They don’t need to enable the TrueCaller Video caller ID option).

If the other person is using any other phone app, whatever it may be, the default phone app or any other third-party phone app, in that case, your video caller id won’t be available to them.

If you need to see the Video Caller ID of the person from which you receive the call, that caller should enable the Video Caller ID option from their TrueCaller App.

In short, we can say that if you wish to show your Video Caller Id to others, then you can enable the Video Caller Id option from your TrueCaller app. Once you make a call, if the receiver is using TrueCaller as the default Phone app, they can see your Video Caller ID in full screen while receiving your Call.

On the other side, if you wish to see the Video Caller ID from another person (the call you receive), you can use TrueCaller as the default phone app. If the person who calls you has enabled the TrueCaller Video Caller id, you can see their video while receiving the call.

How to Enable TrueCaller Video Caller Id on iOS?

Unfortunately, there is no option available to enable the Video Caller ID on iOS. As you know, on iOS, we can’t do much customization like what we can do on Android. On the iPhone, we can’t change the default calling app too. So Full Screen or Video Caller ID option is not available on iOS devices (iPhone and iPad).

If you are using TrueCaller on your iPhone, you can see the TreCaller Caller ID along with the name and number on the default calling screen itself.


TrueCaller Video Caller ID is a new feature; however, to work them properly, both parties should enable it on both ends, which might be tricky. Also, to enjoy the Video caller ID option, you need to use an Android device; TrueCaller Video Caller ID won’t work on iPhone and iPad devices.