According to 2022 statistics, it was identified that up to 36% of all US workers are inclined towards earning online and becoming freelancers.

It’s surprising to see how instrumental apps have been in terms of helping individuals generate an excellent passive income. They’re handy for people looking to maximize their household income, which is the need of the hour, considering recent spikes in economic volatility.

In light of this, we’ll dive into some pretty exciting and easy ways you can use apps to make money online. We’re also going to talk about how you can identify an authentic app and the pitfalls of a fake app.

Top Ways to Earn Money Using an App

Making Money By Sharing Your Internet

That’s right. You can earn money by doing nothing. And that’s a pretty good deal. Data-sharing apps pay you to use your internet bandwidth. They’re crowdsourced proxy networks, secure and authenticated.

Popular apps such as Honeygain reroutes your data to some of the best companies in the world. Those companies use the bandwidth to maximize their marketing and reach.

What’s more, Honeygain also has a referral program. This means atop what you’re getting, you can earn commissions by onboarding other people for the company. It’s a win-win!

Create Online Educational Content or Courses

Regarding selling digital products, online courses are on the highest echelon. After all, according to a report by Statista, the online education industry is primed to surpass the $166 billion mark in 2023.

There is a dearth of globally reputed and cherished online course-building and selling apps you can use to launch educational content. It’s an excellent opportunity for a subject matter expert. But the best part is you can develop an online course on just about any niche.

For example, if you’re an excellent gamer, you can create educational content on how to play certain games to win tournaments!

Then, you can sell your online courses using various apps and platforms. And when you become popular, you can create your own website.

Make Money Doing Micro Jobs

Did you know some apps allow you to complete online surveys and pay you for them? You heard that right. These are what are known as micro-jobs.

They’re easy to do and don’t require any expertise or experience. They’re perfect for someone who wants to build a second source of income.

Online surveys are marketing data that big brands use to enhance their customer experience. So they need your honest answers to see how they measure up against general standards.

Another interesting way of making money using apps is by becoming a freelancer or a gig worker. One of the most prominent apps regarding small tasks is JumpTask.

What’s unique about Jumptask is that it’s designed to help people (of varying degrees of skills) find little jobs to make money. Plus, the platform pays also gives you the option to earn in its native crypto JMPT, which you can convert into cash.

Useful Tips to Spot a False App

Go Through the Reviews

One of the telltale signs of a fake app is when it has overwhelmingly positive reviews and extremely few negative reviews in between. This is a trick that malicious developers use to entice you into downloading the app. So, be wary.

Check for Misspelled Words and Silly Grammatical Errors

Another great way to ensure an app is genuine is by looking at its content. Does the app have spelling mistakes, grammatical typos, and silly errors in its descriptions? If so, that’s likely a fake app. Industry-level developers would never make these mistakes.

See the App’s Download Volume

If the app has been downloaded millions of times and launched a couple of months ago, it’s probably a fake. Unfortunately, even legitimate and popular apps take years to reach the million-download level.

Take a Look at the Permission Agreement

Read the fine print. Check whether the app is asking you to provide sensitive information. If so, be careful. Authentic apps don’t usually require sensitive information, especially bank account information, social security, debit/credit, etc. So beware of apps that ask for numerous authorizations.

How Dangerous Can Bogus Apps Be?

The answer is very. Here’s how:

Belligerent and Inimical Content

Fake applications are designed to expose you to highly controversial content, redirecting you to websites with hate speech and (at times) violent content.

Phishing Scams

A bogus app will also attempt to lure you into providing highly confidential information such as your bank account credentials or login information. When you give your credentials, the app may flood your device with ransomware and ask you to pay a certain amount before giving you back control of your data.

Bottom Line

All in all, making money online using apps is the new norm. Better yet, you can gradually combine all these strategies to maximize your side income. Who knows – maybe in the end, you won’t even have to work 9-5 anymore.

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