Travelling has become an essential part of our current lifestyle. Whether you want to take a relaxing vacation to unwind from the stress or attend a work conference, we are on the move constantly. And when we are away from our home or permanent residence, we turn to hotels or rental homes to provide us with a comfortable stay for the period.

It offers an incredible opportunity for property management businesses to generate revenues by solving this problem. They can serve the growing majority of our population seeking hotels and other accommodation services. However, this can result in a chaotic management process for owners if they don’t have the right tools.

If you struggle with the same problem, this article will share the perfect solution for this problem. Meet the eviivo Mobile app, a simple yet effective tool that will allow you to perform any operations related to your rental facilities, including receiving payments and daily real-time view of your property. This app is a match made in heaven for every property manager.

Below we will share a comprehensive list of features that make this app a must-have for any rental property owner or host. In addition, we will also list the technical requirements and pricing for this mobile app. Let’s start by understanding the functions of eviivo and why you should use the platform.

What is eviivo?

eviivo is a property and hospitality management software that allows hotel and rental property owners to oversee their operations. It is the ideal platform for property owners to list their rentals, find residents, make bookings and receive payments. The company also created the award-winning cloud-based platform, eviivo Suite. The additional features enable the owners to take complete control offering their inhabitants the best experience.


Features of the eviivo Mobile App

Now that you have a basic idea about eviivo, it’s time to help you realize why you need to start using this app to manage all your properties. Here are the top features that make eviivo a game-changer:

Integrate with all OTA and update them simultaneously

eviivo Mobile app allows users to integrate all their online travel agencies like Airbnb, Tripadvisor, Trivago, Google HotelAds, Expedia, and more. Now you can change your rates, duration period, and more from your dashboard at once. These changes will apply to all your OTA’s, saving your time. Now use your mobile to manage your properties on the leading travel agencies.

Get the option to manage and alter any reservations

Another feature that makes eviivo Mobile app a life-saver is the freedom to edit any of your reservations directly from your mobile. It will prevent you from logging in to your PC whenever you want to modify your previous bookings. It will also allow you to respond to customer queries quickly, helping you boost your reputation and gain more customers for your rental properties.

Overview of the arrivals and departures of your guests

eviivo Mobile app allows you to monitor the arrival and departure of your guests directly from your mobile. It will enable you to answer their questions immediately upon arrival, helping them to have a comfortable stay at your property and boost your rating. The instant overview also collects valuable information like the number of guests, pets, luggage, and more.

Manage multiple properties from a single dashboard

Another advantage of using the eviivo Mobile app is the option to manage multiple properties from a single app. It makes property management easier for you, saving your time. You can add one or multiple properties to eviivo and manage all of them from your mobile device. For example, the calendar view will help you view the bookings and duration for every room on your property.

Receive and manage payments directly from your mobile

eviivo Mobile app will enable you to receive payments from your customer and notify you about them on your mobile. The automated collection system will ensure that the income will go directly to your bank account while informing you after its successful completion through a push notification. Managing payments has never been easier for property owners with the eviivo Mobile app.


Freedom to modify your daily rates or stay durations

Property owners or managers can change the rates and other vital details relating to their rentals anytime from their phones. You can increase or decrease the daily prices and modify the minimum stay amount within three months. These changes will apply to all your selected properties on all OTAs, eliminating the need for manual updating for every platform.

Acquire a real-time view and analytics of your property

eviivo Mobile app enables getting real-time views and snapshots of your properties daily. They allow you to overlook key performance indicators and analytics related to your properties. It will notify you of any accidents or mishappening on your property, guiding you to pinpoint the culprit for any damage to your property. The real-time views will help you survey property without visiting it.

Connect with the cleaning staff for proper maintenance

The cleaning services for your properties also have a separate dashboard on the eviivo Mobile app. The cleaning dashboard allows you to connect with your maintenance services provider and ensure that your rentals are taken care of between guests. It will also allow you to order any required repairs to make your property suitable for the next guests before arrival.

Technical Requirements and Pricing of the eviivo Mobile App

Now that you have learned the most notable features of the eviivo Mobile app, you might be curious about where to find it. The app is available both on the Google Play and Apple App Store. The Android-supported app will require Android 6.0 or up to run on your mobile.

To use this app on your iPhone, you need a device running on Requires iOS 12.1 or above. The price is accessible to anyone using other eviivo products like their eviivo Suite. In addition, new users can get a thirty-day free trial to help them get acquainted with the app and its top features.


We hope this article introduced you to the eviivo Mobile app and informed you about everything worth knowing about this property management app. Using this app, you will receive updates related to your hotels, B&B, rental properties, villas, and more, allowing you to manage them directly using your mobile device.

In addition to the extensive features, we have included details about its pricing and system requirements, offering you all the information you need before downloading the eviivo Mobile app. Now use it to view all your bookings, receive payments, and make modifications to reservations as you please. So switch to the eviivo Mobile app today!

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