5 Best Wedding Countdown Apps for iOS and Android

Do you belong to that category of people who have butterflies in your stomach and sleepless nights before your big day? Or are you more like someone who has the guilty pleasure of forgetting important dates at events and making up for them anytime later?

Messing up and forgetting your Wedding date might cost you your patience and peace of mind. You will be running here and there at the last minute to get things right. So, why not play an intelligent move and hop on to the best wedding apps?

Let us clear the confusion first. These applications will not help you with your wedding rituals. Instead, these are going to help you come along with your closest friends and family to plan your wedding countdown. In a technology-driven world like today, when smartphone applications help in sorting all your essentials. So, why not hop on to an application for your wedding countdown, too?

Best Wedding Countdown Apps for iOS and Android

A wedding countdown app is going to turntables for you and work well in your favor. And what is better than having easy access to these applications through your Android and iOS smartphones.

Here is a list of the best 5 Wedding countdown applications that you can get on your Android and iOS:

1. The Big Day App

Your wedding day is significant and memorable. So, this is a unique countdown application that keeps you informed not only for the upcoming days but also the days which have gone by. Also, this application will help you schedule your dates like birthdays, anniversaries, work anniversaries, and others.

What will you love about this app?

What can be better than penning down your wedding story on your own with the help of a wedding countdown on Facebook?

This application’s feature will help you.

The Big day App features a widget, and you can use it excitingly. If you cannot control your excitement for all your wedding preparations, the widget feature helps you get a sneak peek into the home screen. You can glance at the countdown from here and plan your things.

The application is home to a pool of features that use icons that help in notifying you of the events on the app’s status bar. You can customize the icons and even add pictures. With the availability of 3 widget feature options, you choose what interests you the most. For example, this application will help you use motion stickers to get similar and exciting feels once your wedding day is near.

What might not work for you

Random popping up of advertisements can be a distraction and may not gain appreciation from the potential application users.

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2. The Wedding Countdown App – 2021/2022

For some people, the idea of their wedding is all about taking them into a world of lavish celebrations, while others like it sleek and straightforward. The Wedding Countdown App helps you maintain this mood till the day you are ready to walk down the aisle.

What will you love about this app?

If you want to add a personal touch for all your invitees and want to use colors, fonts, and themes, this application allows you to do this with perfection. Also, there is nothing better than planning everything with your better half and keeping an eye on the wedding countdown together.

The application’s new features act as a professional guide that sorts all your requirements well. A wedding organizer feature, too, makes sure that all the wedding preparations are top-notch. In addition, this application renders help in the English, Turkish, and German languages.

What might not work for you

To enjoy some extra features, you will have to pay more.

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3. The WeddingHappy Wedding Planner

While waiting for your ‘I Do’ day, you can seek the help of the best wedding apps like The WeddingHappy Wedding Planner to the most.

What will you love about this app?

Digital planning is stress-free with the use of this application. This application promises an efficient run both online and offline. If there are any changes, you can opt for input changes and re-organization.

Are you wondering about the most significant benefit of this app?

You can be planning your wedding budget and spend as per the same. All you need to do is add a general budget to the app. The user interface is easy and supports adjustments od all wedding functions and activities.

What might not work for you

There are in-app purchases, and the continuous ads might kill the user’s interest while using this wedding countdown app.

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4. Bridebook

If you and your bridesmaids are scrolling for the wedding countdown on Facebook, the chances are that you are missing out on an application like Bridebook.

What will you love about this app?

This application acts like your personal planner that stays with you 24*7 as a part of your android or iOS phone. You can plan your wedding on a budget and break the costs if you feel like it. Tracking your expenses is a real thing with this application, as you can add all little details here.

You can plan all your wedding functions within the set budget and track the same through this application.

What might not work for you

You might miss out on your customized invite needs while using this application.

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5. TheDayBefore

The last name on the list of the best wedding apps is TheDayBefore. This application is available on both Android and Apple smartphones and other devices.

What will you love about this app?

It is an excellent application that extends its use with its splendid features when you are wholeheartedly waiting for your wedding day. The applications’ features make it easy for the user to calculate the number of days left until one of the most important days of your life.

The icons are stylish, and you can choose your options from the notification center. With this application, you can periodically celebrate your wedding day and other fun happenings like anniversaries and birthdays. This wedding countdown app allows you to calculate the number of days left in as many as seven different ways.

What might not work for you

The ads’ frequency is relatively high, and it may not gain liking or appreciation from the potential application users.

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Thanks to the applications that help in the wedding countdown on Facebook, your wedding plans can roll well. So, soar high on your excitement and enthusiasm, and calculate the final number of days to the most beautiful day with the help of these applications on Android and iOS devices.

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