The digital age makes exploring different aspects of love very easy. Technology and different applications allow individuals to calculate their compatibility. Yes, you read that right. The internet is full of ‘Love Calculator Applications’.

These tools/ apps allow individuals to determine their compatibility with their potential partner. Today we will discuss the “Best 10 Love Calculator App For iPhone & Android.

Love has grown beyond the traditional way, and today before meeting someone, individuals choose to do a compatibility check. The Love Calculator Apps are digital tools that allow users to test the compatibility between two individuals. Applications like these use data analysis and algorithms, providing users a love compatibility score.

The results may not apply to one’s real life but can typically help the individuals to judge. Love Calculators ask users to insert both partners’ birthdates, names, and zodiac signs and generate results and thus generate the compatibility percentage.

The internet is full of Love Calculator Apps, and each work based on different features and AI and thus has varying accuracy. So whether you want to have fun with your partner or are looking for serious compatibility tests, you can use these Love Calculator Applications.
With that said, join us and discover the Top 10 Love Calculator Apps for iPhone & Android.

Best 10 Love Calculator App For iPhone & Android

1. Love Test Calculator by Mobile Flame (Android & iOS)

Love Test Calculator by Mobile Flame is one of the most popular applications for compatibility tests between partners. With millions of downloads, Mobile Flame boasts a large user base and high user ratings. The application asks users to enter their names and check what is likely to be a good relationship. It then calculates the compatibility between two individuals considering a range of factors.

Not only does it provide a compatibility report, but based on results, it also offers personalized tips for improving your relationship. In addition, mobile Flame’s accuracy is quite reliable, making it one of the best apps.

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2. The Love Calculator (iOS)

The Love Calculator is a popular compatibility application for all your iOS devices. Using a unique algorithm and taking account of names and birthdates, it determines compatibility between partners. As you input the required data on the application, it will generate a love compatibility score based quickly within no time.

Not only that, but the Love Calculator also provides a range of helpful information, including areas of strengths, weaknesses, and improvement between two individuals. The application is user-friendly, free to use, and ideal for individuals who want to explore romantic potential with their partners.


3. Love Calculator | Love Test (Android)

Love Calculator| Love Test is an easy-to-use Android-based application that allows partners to test their compatibility. Using names and birthdates, the application determines the compatibility between couples.

Users can even explore the potential for a successful relationship using their Zodiac signs. Doing so provides them with compatibility scores and personalized insights into their relationship. Love Calculator | Love Test also includes a love horoscope feature. It offers daily insights into romantic prospects by taking into account your Zodiac.


4. Love Calculator by King’s Calculator (Android and iOS)

King’s Calculator is one of the best Love Calculator Applications compatible with both iPhone and Android devices. The app is built to deliver outstanding results by determining compatibility between two individuals. King’s Calculator is based on a complex algorithm.

The app calculates compatibility using the names and birthdates of two individuals. It focuses on name numerology and the astrological significance of the birthdates before generating a love compatibility score. Its advanced algorithm has been refined over time, and thus King’s Calculator claims to provide the most accurate results. The best part about this application is that it is simple to use and generates results quickly within no time.

5. Love Test – Relationship app (Android)

Love Test – Relationship app is among the popular applications determining partner compatibility. The application asks users to enter specific details concerning them and their partners.

Further, it analyses birth dates, zodiac signs, and other personal information and generates a compatibility score. This score indicates the potential for a successful romantic relationship between two individuals. Not only that, but the application also offers personalized advice and tips for improving compatibility. Love Test – Relationship App is highly engaging and user-friendly.


6. Love Nudge (Android)

Love Nudge is a love language app aimed at Android users worldwide. Unlike other Love Calculator Apps, it works on a unique concept. Love Nudge allows users (partners) to take a quiz and determine their love language.

Once the quiz is completed, the application generates personalized suggestions and how users can resonate with their love language by showing love and affection towards each other. The app also provides reminders and suggestions for small acts of love. Love Nudge is ideal for couples who want to deepen their understanding and communication.


7. Real Love Test – Love Tester (Android)

Real Love Test: Love Tester is an Android-based app that accurately determines a couple’s compatibility. It uses data like names, birthdates, and the Zodiacs of two individuals and generates a compatibility score. The score (percentage) indicates the compatibility of the potential for a successful relationship between partners.

Besides that, it provides daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes depending on the user’s zodiac sign. Overall, Real Love Test – Love Tester is great for couples who want to add some fun to their love life.


8. Love Test – Compatibility Calculator (iOS)

Love Test: Compatibility Calculator is another compatibility application designed for iOS users. This app lets couples find some insights into their romantic compatibility. Logging into the app will ask you to input your name and birthdate (your and your partners’). It will further generate a compatibility score using its strong algorithm.

Before generating the compatibility score, love Tests consider several factors, including name, birthdate numerology, and zodiac signs. Not only that, but it also offers personalized advice on how couples can improve their compatibility between them. The application even features several games and quizzes that help users learn more about themselves and their partners. Since its results are quite accurate, Love Test has a large user base.


9. Love Tester (Android)

Another Love Calculator for Android-based devices, Love Tester, offers near-accurate results of compatibility between partners. The application has a user-friendly interface; even a tech novice can do so. Love Tester requires users to provide names (of both partners), and using them provides a compatibility score ranging from 0% to 100%.

The data analysis and complex algorithm of Love Tester increase its results’ accuracy. Apart from the relationship compatibility score, the application provides users personalized advice for improving their dynamics with their partners. Love Tester has a large user base and is a fun and engaging platform.


10. Love Horoscope (iOS)

Love Horoscopes is an iOS application that allows users to find compatibility with their partners. The application considers both partners’ birthdates (or potential partners), determines their zodiac signs, and generates a compatibility score based on their astrological traits. The compatibility test is easy and fun though its results are known for their accuracy.

In addition, the app also offers a daily horoscope for different zodiac signs and love and relationships. It also provides a personalized horoscope for users’ unique romantic tendencies based on astrology and the position of planets in the sky. Love Horoscope is an easy-to-use interface and a must-have for anyone exploring their romantic prospects.



These were the 10 Best Love Calculator Apps for iPhone and Android. The apps are fun, but remember, they cannot substitute genuine human bonds and connections.