How to Fix AirDrop Not Working Issue?

Do you want to transfer videos, photos, websites, and various other files or data from iPhone/iPad to another or from iPad/iPhone to Mac? If yes is your answer, then you should take the help of AirDrop for transferring your vital files easily without any hassle for sure. AirDrop is Appleā€™s proprietary method of transferring files or data between two devices locally. If you have older hardware and you are experiencing some issues, then using AirDrop will solve your problems.

Of late, most users are facing issues with AirDrop not working and they want to get rid of it as soon as possible. Visibility issues are the common problem people have with AirDrop and most times recipient does not show up, no matter what you do from your end. If you are also facing this problem, here you would come to know about the tips which you can help to get rid of this issue.

Troubleshooting Tips for When AirDrop Is Not Working

There are lots of issues you might face when AirDrop is not working and you may end up getting frustrated for sure. You will find that your devices are not showing up in the AirDrop sharing window so that you would not be able to send files to devices that do appear, or you cannot check important files which you want to send as soon as possible for sure.

Reset the Network Settings

You can try this method to solve the AirDrop not working issue easily. You just need to reset the network settings on an iPad or iPhone to fix all types of Wi-Fi or Bluetooth issues, including issues with your AirDrop not working. At the time of resetting these settings, your device will forget the Wi-Fi passwords you have stored, so you need to reconnect to a trusted network again.

Send a Single File first

You should try to send a single file first instead of sending multiple files at the same time. AirDrop lets you share various types of files easily but if your AirDrop is not working on your Mac or iPhone, then you need to solve this issue by sending a single file only. If still you are facing the same issue, then you should look for another option rather than relying on this one.

Restart Both Devices

It is a useful troubleshooting tip because it is very effective. You just need to restart your iPad, iPhone, or Mac so that your AirDrop will start working again. It will take only a few minutes and you should try it right now.

Turn Off AirDrop Restrictions

You can try Turning off AirDrop restrictions to get rid of this issue. If you are not able to check AirDrop on your device, then you might have blocked it in your Content & Privacy Restrictions, which you are going to find under Settings > Screen Time. Make sure you are checking everything very carefully and always turned on your AirDrop. Just enter a Screen Time passcode to make changes.

Disable your iPhone Hotspot

You should note that both Hotspot and AirDrop utilize your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections so that you cannot use them at the same time. In this situation, you should go to settings> personal hotspot on your device to turn off that feature. After turning it off, you can try using AirDrop again.

Turn Off Do Not Disturb Mode

You should never turn on your Do Not Disturb feature because it may create problems whenever you are trying to check AirDrop from your device. Your device will not receive transfer requests from AirDrop if your AirDrop feature is on.

Just open Control Center and tap the moon icon to turn it off on your iPad or iPhone. If you are a Mac user, then you need to click on the Notification Center icon in the menu bar and turn off do not disturb mode.

Restart Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your Devices

It is the best solution to fix the AirDrop not working issue and you should try it from your end. You should restart Wi-Fi and Bluetooth or disable and re-enable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you are an iPhone user, then you need to open Control Center again and tap the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth icon to turn them off and on.

All the Mac users need to click the Wi-Fi icon in the menu bar and select Turn Wi-Fi off to turn it off, and then on it again. For restarting Bluetooth, you can go to System Preferences > Bluetooth.

Check the Downloads Folders for Missing Files

If you have received a file from AirDrop and you are not able to find it, then you should go through your Downloads folder. If you are an iPhone user, then you should open the files app and search for a download folder in the iCloud Drive. Also, if you are a Mac user, then you can search the Downloads folders next to the Trash in the Dock.

Update the Operating System

Yes, it is very vital to update the operating system to get rid of the AirDrop not working issue. It would be better for you to understand that Apple releases new updates to IOS, iPad, and macOS which help solve all the latest bugs and issues easily. If your AirDrop is not working properly, then you should try to update the Operating System as it may help in fixing this issue.
Just go to your iPhone or iPad settings, choose General>Software Update. If you are a Mac user, then you need to open the Apple menu and go to System Preferences> Software update.


Finally, you are aware of the best troubleshooting tips you need to be aware of while fixing the AirDrop not working issue. All the above-mentioned tips are very useful and you would be able to fix your issue easily without any issues at all. Just try it from your end and share your valuable experiences here with us right now!

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