Many android smartphone users root their smartphone now a days. Rooting of an android mobile can be done by some simple steps. But rooting of the mobile may not be required all the time. Rooting having both benefits and drawbacks.

Main benefits of rooting involves it will give root privilege for the users. It will be useful for modifying system files, so that some additional actions can be done, which is impossible in normal mode. If the smartphone is rooted, we can uninstall system application. It will be useful of your phone memory is less, so that unwanted system application such as ‘Hangout’, ‘Maps’ etc. It will also give more battery power.

It will give you more space and thus makes the phone runs faster. This feature will be more useful for developers etc, user also can change the name and other details in the phone.

But before doing the rooting you must also should know that, even if this process gives you benefits, there are some drawback also. By doing so, you will loose the warranty of your smartphone and also, your phone will not get any further software update via OTA.

So before doing the rooting, you must understand these thing also.

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