How to Hide the Developer Options in Android Mobile Phones?

Last week we checked, how we can enable the developer option on our Android mobile and now, if we need to hide that option, then please do the following steps disable it.

If the developer option is enabled, you can see the Developer Options listed under the phone settings menu at the very bottom, just above the About Phone item. If it is available there and you need to hide or disable that option, then proceed with the following.

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  1. Go to your settings section of your Android mobile
  2. Scroll down to find the Apps menu section (Apps or Applications depends on handsets)
  3. From the application list in the new page, find Settings App.
  4. Click on the Settings app.
  5. Click on the Storage option of the settings app.
  6. Click on Clear Data.

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Now, the settings will be cleared and the Developer Options will be disabled.

Note: If you clear the data from the settings app, it will remove the Developer options and also, it might reset some of your preferences within the Settings menu

If you need to re-enable it at any time, you can do it like we did it in the previous article

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