Android mobiles are coming with lots of features in each update, and since it is open-source, each manufacturer does customization on the stock Android with its features and custom UI. Because of this matter, each mobile functionality and UI will be different from others depend on the brand.

Eg. The UI of Samsung will be different from Lenovo, and it might be completely different OnePlus or Sony or even in new Nokia. Hence, the settings and other features may be different in each model.

What is Pocket Mode

If you have a question, what does pocket dial meaning refers to? We will let you know that. Before looking into disabling the pocket mode, let have a quick look. Pocket mode features may vary from the device. For example, some devices have handy features like slowing down the ringtone once you pick up the device from the pocket.

In some cases, the device may automatically turn off its screen once you put it back in your pocket. Similarly, the Lenovo device has a pocket dial prevention mode. It will help us to avoid accidental calls while phone in the pocket.

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Here in this article, we are talking about how to turn off pocket mode in Lenovo. The Pocket Dialing Prevention feature and we will check how we can disable this feature on Lenovo Mobiles. The pocket Dialing Prevention feature is enabled in most of the Lenovo Mobiles by default.

This feature is helpful so that the mobile will not get dialed accidentally when in a pocket or somewhere else, but sometimes we may get annoyed by this feature. The pocket dialing prevention feature will be activated when you place your hand over the top side of the mobile, near to the earpiece.

Here, if you try to operate your mobile and sometimes your hand accidentally gets over the top side, the feature will get activated, and an overlay screen will come, and you cannot touch the screen. So, in this case, the only option available is to disable this feature. So let’s see how we can disable this feature on the mobile.

How to Stop Pocket Dialing on Android

In order to top pocket dialing feature, you can follow the below steps on your Android device.

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Step 1: Go to the Settings of the phone.

Step 2: Click on the Security Option.


Step 3: In the next screen, click on the Lock screen more option.


Step 4: In the next window, you can see an option called Pocket-dial prevention mode, and that one will be enabled.


Step 5: Disable it. That’s it, Done.

Now, you won’t get the overlay screen, which prevents you from typing.