Today’s students are lucky because they can benefit from distant education, so nobody judges them for using their smartphones too much. They can get an instant answer to any question, practice with subjects, and train their writing skills. Students can get highly recognized online assignment help on reliable services, which are available on the mobile version websites.

Most forecasts suggest that Android’s market share will reach 87% in 2022, while the iOS market share in 2019 was 22.17%. You can read more about ten Android applications for studying that deserve your attention.

1. FLIP – Focus Timer for Study

Before studying, organize your time correctly! Flip focus timer is beneficial for students who want to plan their lives to keep education and other activities balanced. Measure your focus, see the statistics in the timeline, and get a daily report on your progress. By adding your routine tasks to the timetable, you can track your schedule and not miss anything. Follow your to-do lists and uncover the magic of being an organized and successful student.

2. ReaderPro – Speed Reading and Brain Development

If you want to speed up your studying process without sacrificing quality, take advantage of this app. With ReaderPro, you will learn to read faster and perceive information efficiently. It visualizes training programs organized in the gaming way. Bypassing each level, your memory and concentration will improve significantly. Try different techniques in exercises of different complexities and track your results in a built-in graph.

3. Brilliant

Those who dream about a great explanation on such complex topics as math and science can get this brilliant opportunity! This is the same name app where you can find conceptual quizzes, bite-sized lessons, and the fundamentals of such disciplines as geometry, artificial neural networks, probability, special relativity, and many more. Unlock the solutions with beautifully organized interactive courses.

4. Cake – Learn English for Free

When it is time to upgrade your English spelling, try lessons in this app. Much loved among Android users, it has gained high popularity. The education system is built for easier user perception. In this app, you need to watch videos updated daily, listen, and repeat after the characters. Check your pronunciation and get ready for real conversation. This tool shows that learning English is as easy as a piece of cake!

5. Kahoot! Play & Create Quizzes

This is a great application for creating custom quizzes. Find more friends and engage them in a quiz you’ve developed yourself. Try it yourself and see how efficient studying together is. There are many tests and flashcards on different topics, so you can expand your knowledge basically on anything.

Join live games and train your agility and inventiveness. Test knowledge with such methods as a quiz, true or false, puzzle, or open-ended exercises. Here you can create a presentation for your class or even collect the opinion with a poll tool.

6. Study Tips – Tips for Studying & Exam Preparation

Studying in college is not easy, especially if you don’t have enough learning experience. Luckily, this application brings many practical recommendations that help you gain high results in your class.

Prepare for exams by leveling up your memorization skills, create a mind-map, and build your own studying plan. This tool is a great chance to improve your effectiveness in education by practicing with reading, making study notes, and benefit from other Aureus method features.

7. Music for Studying Offline

Much like a student without a book, it’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like music. By listening to music and studying, you greatly improve your productivity. Listen to the music without lyrics on your smartphone for better concentration. It is a universal application for any task you want to cope with. Simply choose a focusing mode that blocks app notifications, and turn on this tool to listen to it offline.

8. Photomath

Carefully, after using this app, you can change your faculty! Studying math is overwhelming sometimes, but not with this tool designed even for the dummies. You’ll believe in yourself after using Photomath. Just use your camera and snap the assignment to get the solution shortly. The material that appears on your screen will help you to prepare for exams better. Otherwise, if you want to study math, not for classes but for yourself, this tool is a perfect choice.

9. Math – Math Games & Learn Math

This is one more application dedicated to math you can’t pass by. Play interesting math games to upgrade your skills on various topics. Train your brain with quizzes by solving challenging math problems yourself. Moreover, you can take notes on the screen and get the solution shortly. Track your progress with awards and achievements. With this tool, you will understand that studying math never was so simple!

10. Learn C Programming

We know how important programming is today, so this app is highly recommended for students who want to learn one of the most in-demand languages. This application contains everything you need to study the C language and better understand coding with examples and tutorials in different categories.

Consider the presented trends to boost your studying process with simple and exciting mobile applications. They were developed especially for college students to make the learning process more joyful. Remember, it is never too late to use your smartphone more efficiently!