Over the months, lots of unofficial app installers have been released, mostly for iOS users. However, a few are now coming out for Android users, and one of the best is called HappyMod. With plenty of modified files to choose from, HappyMod is completely free to download, and you don’t have to root your device first.

How to Install HappyMod

HappyMod is easy enough to get onto your device, but you do need to install the file manually.

  1. First, go into the Settings option in your Android device and tap the Security / Privacy option – which will depend on what firmware version you have on your device.
  2. Find the option that says Allow From Unknown Sources and uses the slider beside it to enable it. If you don’t do this, you cannot download and install third-party content.
  3. Using your device browser, visit the HappyMod download page and tap the HappyMod.apk file.
  4. Please wait until it has downloaded, and then go to your device Downloads folder.
  5. Double-tap on the file, follow any on-screen instructions, and wait – HappyMod will be on your home screen when it is successfully installed.

How to Use HappyMod

HappyMod is as simple and easy to use, as the Play Store. There is one thing you need to be noted here. HappyMod is a repository like the Play Store where the developers do not have anything to do with developing any of the apps in the store. Everything is uploaded from the internet by the app developers and by app users too.

  1. Open the HappyMod store.
  2. Choose one of the app categories.
  3. Search for the app or game you want to download – you can also use the search bar to find something.
  4. Tap on what you want to download
  5. Follow any on-screen directions and wait.
  6. When your chosen app or game is installed, you will see it on your home screen.

If you are looking for the latest uploads to the store, there is a separate window showing them all.

HappyMod Features

HappyMod is packed with great features, including:

  • Modded Apps – lots of modded Android apps – stock apps with new features and unlocked games
  • Fast and Safe – highest-speed downloads of any app installer and all apps are checked for viruses and exploits – if an app fails the checks, it is rejected from the store
  • Language Support – many languages supported, including English, Italian, Thai, Romania, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, and many more
  • Pause/Resume – pause your downloads and resume them as you want

Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s everything you need to know about HappyMod:

What is HappyMod?
It is an alternative Android app store with more than 30,000 modified games and apps that you won’t find in the official Play Store. All these apps are uploaded by the developers and by app users – you can download them and comment on how good they are. The developers can then use these comments to rate each app, moving the best ones to the top and the worst ones out. That way, you know you are downloading safe, working apps.

How Safe is it?
Understandably, you may be concerned about using unofficial content, but every app is tested – if it fails the virus and exploits check, it doesn’t go in the store. The developers ask that you comment on each app you try – that way, they know what works and what doesn’t. All app users are asked to do this, although you don’t have to if you don’t want to.

I Heard it Was a Virus.
No, and nor does it contain any. It is nothing more than a repository for modified apps and games.

How Does HappyMod Work?
HappyMod is one of the largest community-backed app stores globally, and the number of apps continues to grow.

  • App users are encouraged to comment on any app or game they download
  • The developers use the comments to work out which are the best and safest mods.
  • Every app or game gets tested before it goes to the store – if it isn’t safe, it isn’t allowed in the store.
  • All users are free to upload their own apps from the internet or that they have developed themselves.

Is it Free?
Yes, and it always will be. There are no hidden charges, and all the apps and games are free too. Some of the mods include all in-app purchases unlocked for free.

Can I Install it on my iPhone or iPad?
No. HappyMod is developed purely for the Android Market, and there are no plans to bring out an iOS version. However, iOS users have many alternative app stores to choose from, offering similar content.

HappyMod is completely free and doesn’t require you to root your device. Try it today – you can even use it side-by-side with the official app store, enjoying the best of both worlds.

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