Today, we are taking a regional mobile application for review, its Cinema Kottayam, an android application dedicated for Malayalam movies and cinemas. The first thing we are interested in this application is because of its nice UI and simple feature. The most interesting thing is that, it is not done in native java language. Its a hybrid application done in Ionic Framework. Ionic is a mobile application development framework by which we can create hybrid mobile application using html and JavaScript in which it looks exactly like native Android, IOS or Windows mobile application. We will look into Ionic Framework in another article.

Now, lets move on to the application itself. Its look exactly like the native Android application and comes with few features. As i mentioned above, its a regional application which will deliver the information of Malayalam movies. The application basically has 3 areas, in which, the First option is ‘Now Running’, here you can see the currently running movies in that regional area. If you click on each item, you can see the movie details along with the show timing etc.

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The second option is ‘Latest’, here all the recently released Malayalam movies can be seen as a grid, if you click on each item, corresponding movie details can be seen, like cast and crew details, movie synopsis, running time, rating etc.

Cinema Kottayam Malayalam Movies Apps on Google Play

The third option is the ‘Upcoming’, here all the upcoming movies can be see, same like the latest, you can see all the movie related details here also. The application is push notification enabled and if any movie change is there, you will get instant notification too.

The details are updated automatically and one more thing is that, there is a feedback form added in the application, where you can share your feedback with them directly and the response from the developer is very quick too. Since the application is in the initial stage, we can expect more features and functionalities in the upcoming updates.

Even-though the overall experience was nice, there are some functionality missing in it, especially the search function, but as for now, the search function is not important, since currently its supporting one particular area only and once more areas where added, it might be needed.

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