Are you looking for a best alternative for the popular gallery application called QuickPic, then now you got one. It is simply ‘Gallery’, since the name is not unique, you may find it bit difficult to find the application from the play store. There are so many application with the same name. Don’t worry, i will put the link below.

QuickPic was one of the best gallery application available and many people are using it for long time, because of its simplicity and the features. It is a free application and you will not find any annoying advertisement too in it, whereas most of the free application currently available are full for ads. QuickPic also have some unique feature to move the album straight from the gallery itself, which is handy for many users. It is one of the loved feature for me too.

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The main problem with the application is that the application is not being updated for the last 10 months. It belongs to one application development company and the drawback with them is that, they will stop support of their service at some point. We experienced the problem with the popular backup application called ‘CM Backup’, which was one of the best backup software at that time and the company stopped the support for it after some time.

Many people are still asking us, how they can retrieve the backup files stored in the CM Backup, which is not possible now, since the company completely shut down the service, which in turns made them trouble. This is the main reason why people are looking for alternative Gallery application for QuickPic. Hence now, we got an amazing application. The new Gallery application is from “Cloud Innovation Studio” and you can download it for free from the Play Store.

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The new gallery application have most of the features from QuickPic including the Album movement and coping within the gallery etc. It was released recently and the team is adding more and more features in all the updates. Initially the application doesn’t have support for SD card, which was added now in the latest update. The Gallery also have a unique full gallery listing with timeline structure as like seen in Google Photos.

One another good thing about the application is that, it follows Google’s new material design with white theme which i loves most. As i mentioned earlier, the application is still improving and you may find some features missing that you may like, but don’t worry, you can leave your feedback in the comment section from your Play Store and the developers are looking into it and they will definitely incorporate those feature too, if it finds useful. So give a try on the new Gallery Application.

get it on google play

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