TechRounder offers you the best platform for advertising your business at a very low price. We are now only starting the Advertising Program, hence we can offer you very cheap ads space for your business. You can reach audiences all over the world, currently most of our visitors from India, US, UK, France, etc. We offer different ads format. Please check the available ads format available.

Advertising options and sizes include:

300×250 (Sidebar & Inside Post)
300×600 (Long Sidebar)
320×50 (Mobile Leaderboard)

Also check our cheap pricing

300×250 (Sidebar): $20/month
300×250 (SidebarInside Post): $25/month
300×600 (Long Sidebar): $20/month
728×90 (Desktop Leaderboard): $25/month
320×100 (Mobile Leaderboard): $25/month

If you are interested in advertising with us, please send a message using the form Below or drop us an email at We will get back to you immediately.