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Make Free Call to US Numbers Using Hangout From India

Make free call to US Phone Numbers from India and any part of the world using Google Hangout. Also make cheap calls to other countries using hangout dialer.

As you all know, Google Hangout is available in India Officially from past 2 Years, most of us are not using that services since we can make free calls using Whatsapp, Facbook etc. But to some extend, Hangout will be a good service to make cheap and free call to mobile numbers.

Rather than other services such as Whatsapp, Facebook etc, Hangout can be used to call Mobile numbers. They are offering very cheap Voip calls to its customers. One main feature most of the people doesn’t now was its free service. That we are going to discuss here.

Google hangout can be used to make free calls to US numbers, ie. if you have friends and families living in Unites States, you can call them directly on their phone number completely free. All the calls to US Numbers from hangout is absolutely free from any part of the world.

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Inorder to make call using Hangout, first you have to download the hangout dialer app from Play Store.

After installing the app, it will be integated with your Hangout app, where you can dial the number directly or can choose from your contact list.


By default, your call be placed as anonymous, ie the person you called will receive the call as Anonymous. Inorder to set your mobile number as the caller id, follow the steps, so that the receiver will get your number in the screen, when you make a call to them.

Step 1. Click on the Menu
Step 2. Then, click on the settings.
Step 3. Click on your Email Address.
Step 4. Click on the Verified phone number section. Add your number there and verify it.
Step 5. After you verified your number, click on ‘Outbound Caller ID’. From there select your verified phone number and set it as your caller ID.


Now the receiver will get call from your number, when you make a call.

Get it on Google play

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