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Google Play Store – Ways to Make Payment In India

Make Payment in Google Playstore from India using Virtual Credit Card called Entropay or via Google Gift Card Purchase. Simply redeem the card in your Google Play store account.

In India it is one of the big problem for the Android Users to buy an app from the Play store or make any payment within the application. Due to the 3rd layer security called 3D security system used in Indian Debits cards, the Google wallet payment cannot be done with Indian Debit Cards. Google uses their own Payment system called Google wallet for the Play Store. So any purchase or payment within the play store can be done by Google Wallet only. So Most Indian debit card users are not able to perform that.

However, Credit cards issued by certain banks in India can be used for payment, but getting a credit card for Ordinary people in India is not an easy task. Hence we can check for some alternative to Make payment in Google Play Store.

1. Entropay

Entropay is an International Company which will provide you a Virtual Credit card for free, which can be used to make payment internationally including Google Play. Getting an entropay account is an easy task. Simply signup for a free account and you can create a virtual credit card in your account. Then simply load money to that card using any indian bank card. After adding money you will get the card number and other details, which can be used for payment. Note that, they will charge you while loading money into your account. which is pretty higher compared to paypal payment etc. But we need accept that for our needs. Checkout how to create an Entropay Virtual Prepaid Card.

1. Google Gift Cards

This is one alternative way, which is pretty simple and no need to worry about account and cards. You can but Google Gift Cards from retail outlets or from online shops. You can buy Gift Cards for Rs. 750, 1000 or 1500. On getting the card, you will get a secret code which can be used in google play store account to redeem. So the respective money will be credited to your account, which can be used for purchase. I will explain later, how to redeem the card in Google Play store.

Purchase Google Gift cards from Snapdeal

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