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Uninstalled App Reappearing after Reboot in Android 6 Marshmallow

Latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow is making a strange problem in which uninstalled apps are coming back after reboot. Not able to remove app completely.

Did you notice that, your uninstalled application is reappearing after you restart your phone? Yes, its true, some people are facing the issue after the Android 6.0 Update. Some Lenovo users reported the issue that, some preinstalled applications such as Twitter, UC Browser, Tap the Frog HD, Guvera Music etc cannot be uninstalled completely. We already discussed about the issues of Android 6.0 update in the previous article. Here the other issue.

In the previous version of Android, the Lolipop 5, users where able to uninstall these application completely if they didn’t like it. But unfortunaly, the latest Android 6 was creating a bug in this matter. The issue is that, these application can be uninstalled from the apps section in the settings like all other apps. And it will not be available anymore. But whenever the user restarts the mobile, all these application where seen in the app drawer. Ie all the deleted applications where restores after reboot.

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The issues is regarding the buggy update of latest Android 6.0, and we need to wait for further update to fix this issue. So dnt delete those apps, if you are facing the issue because, you have to do it on every reboot.

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  • I’m still having this issue with apps like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. Has anyone found ways of fixing this problem?

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