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Hike – Free SMS And IM For Android


Hike is a new messenger that lets you send free messages to your friends and family! With hike you can message friends that are on hike and also those who aren’t on hike too! Hike currently provides free hike to phone sms within india. Its absolutely FREE!

  • STATUS UPDATES & MOODS: You can now share status updates with your closest friends. With over 20 amazingly cute moods available, posting status updates have never been this much fun.
  • CIRCLE OF FRIENDS (formerly Favorites): Your status updates are shared only amongst your circle of friends. You can safely post fun, embarrassing updates knowing that your parents or boss will not see them 🙂
  • RECENT UPDATES: A central hub to view updates from your entire Circle of Friends
  • STICKERS: Now send some amazing stickers on hike. Express yourself in a whole new cool way!
  • CHAT FOR FREE: Once you download the application, you can chat with any of your friends for free. Hike to hike messaging is free, always, worldwide.
  • GROUP CHAT: Create a group chat with friends and family on hike and also with those who aren’t on hike via Free hike SMS. All in one group!
  • SHARE PHOTOS, VIDEOS: You can send photos, videos and much more to friends on hike!
  • SEND OFFLINE MESSAGES: Now send messages to your hike Contacts who are offline!
  • LAST SEEN: Only your Circle of Friends can see when you were last seen.
  • WALKIE TALKIE: Now seamlessly exchange voice messages with the hike Walkie Talkie!
  • SHARE LOCATION & CONTACTS: Share contacts and your location with friends.
  • FAST, SIMPLE, PERSONAL: hike is super fast. With sent, delivered, read and typing notifications, it feels like you’re having a chat with someone in person.
  • NO USERNAME & PINS: Just like SMS, hike works with your phone number and integrates flawlessly with your existing phone address book. Its that simple.
  • ALWAYS ON: hike is ALWAYS ON. There no more confusion about logging in and logging out. With hike you’re ALWAYS CONNECTED.
  • AS OPEN AS SMS: With hike you never need to add “buddies”. Your Address Book is used to automatically connect you with your friends and family. You can message all your friends, even those who aren’t on hike,
  • EMOTICONS: hike has some awesome emoticons that you can share with friends. You’ve never seen more emotional and funnier emoticons!
  • FREE HIKE2SMS TO INDIA : We’ve also built in FREE hike to non-hike SMS. So if your friends aren’t on hike you can still message them. And better yet, for free! Free SMS can only be sent to India.
  • OFFLINE MESSAGES: Just in case your phones off, hike saves your messages offline until you turn your phone on again
About App
  • Version : 2.2.4
  • Size : 9.1M
  • Category : Communication
  • Price : Free

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